Superstore Star Wants Superfan Mark Hamill To Play Her Dad On The Show

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Lauren Ash wants Superstore to expand when it comes to Dina’s family on the show. Among the family members that Ash would like to see added is Dina’s dad. Ash already has an idea for who she wants to have cast in the role, too -- Mark Hamill. Here is what she had to say:

What I'm speaking now is I would like Mark Hamill to come on and play my dad. Luke would be my father.

Plot twist! Lauren Ash shared her spectacular casting idea with People Now and that is not all she revealed. There is an excellent reason to have hope that her Mark Hamill idea could happen. She has a track record of getting her dream castings to come true.

Lauren Ash previously said that she wanted This Is UsChrissy Metz to guest star on Superstore. Guess who is guest starring on Superstore in May? If you guessed Metz, you would be correct! If that is not enough, there is even more reason to hope that Mark Hamill would be willing to guest star. He is a fan of the show.

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It turns out Mark Hamill and Lauren Ash already have a bit of a connection thanks to Twitter. The actress explained that a fan had tweeted Hamill saying that he should watch Superstore, and he responded that he never misses an episode.

Lauren Ash shared that she is a huge “Star Wars nerd,” and she started sobbing after reading his tweet. From there, she responded, and Hamill then praised her work on the show, which led to more tears from Ash. So sweet! Mark Hamill is currently on History’s heavy drama Knightfall, so a little burst of comedy could be a nice respite for him.

For those who need a refresher, Dina’s dad is not going to win any father of the year prizes. He once abandoned Dina at a gas station when she was a child. Now, she is the no-nonsense assistant manager at Cloud 9, and having Dina’s dad, who was not the best parent, show up to (probably) cause comedic trouble seems like a storyline that Superstore would want to delve into.

Who better than Mark Hamill, who is already a fan of the show, to play Dina's dad? It seems like a win-win for everyone. Along with Dina’s dad, Lauren Ash also wants Superstore to introduce Dina’s sister Denise, but did not offer any casting ideas for that role.

Time will tell if Lauren Ash’s casting magic works and Mark Hamill appears on the show. She said she wanted Chrissy Metz to guest star on Superstore and that is happening. So, why not Hamill?

Hopefully, it can happen. Superstore has gotten renewed for another season, so keep the hope alive that Dina’s dad will arrive in Season 5 as played by Mark Hamill!

Watch Dina and the rest of Cloud 9’s employees in new episodes of Superstore when they air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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