Big Brother's Nick Talks Future With Bella: 'I'm 100 Percent Ready'

Big Brother 21 Isabella Bella Wang and Nick Maccarone CBS

Big Brother 21's Nick Maccarone wants a future with fellow evicted houseguest Bella Wang. He also talked about Nicole Anthony as his 100% ride-or-die in the Big Brother 2019 house, although he doesn't sound confident about her odds to win.

Nick talked twice about his showmance with Bella -- first in his pre-eviction speech last night (August 29) and then again in his post-eviction talk with Julie Chen. Nick wants to try to make it work with Bella, but we'll have to see if she still wants a future with him after he got, um, cozy with Analyse "Sis" Talavera.

During Nick's talk with Julie, which was shown online after the Big Brother episode and not on TV, Julie mentioned that Nick gave a big shout-out to Bella in his pre-eviction speech. She noted that he talked about loving her, even though they didn't know each other that long. He said they had 29 days together in the house.

I miss her so much, holy god.

Julie Chen asked Nick what he wanted to see happen with Bella after the show.

I'm so down for whatever happens. ... I'm 100 percent ready to see what happens and make it work. I'm always going to have love for her and care about her, whatever happens. She's literally an amazing person and I literally can't wait to see her again. If it works out when we get out, then I'm going to be so happy. If it doesn't, then it won't, and I'll still have her in my life.

Julie mentioned that Nick lives on the East Coast in New Jersey and Isabella lives on the West Coast in L.A. Nick noted that her dad does live in Jersey too. He said he and Bella had said they weren't really interested in a long-distance thing, but he's also ready to make it work.

Nick continued on the Bella track in other post-eviction interviews, including this one with EW. Here's what he said when asked what he hoped was in the future with Bella outside the house:

Wow, do I love and respect Isabella so much, even if she did conveniently 'forget' to give me my chain back before she left the house. LOL, just kidding. I really do see the possibility of a future with her, but we both agreed before she left the house that we did not want to do a long-distance relationship. However, I would not be opposed to trying it out and seeing where it goes from there. Regardless if we end up together in the long run, I will always have love for her and I cannot see her not in my life. She is a very special person, someone I truly love and care about.

So he's game to try, but there are obstacles. Is Sis one of the obstacles?

Big Brother 21 Analyse Sis Talavera Nick Maccarone CBS

Bella wasn't happy with Nick when he and Sis got close in the Big Brother house, after Bella and Sis' showmance Jack Matthews were both evicted. Fans were quick to point out Nick snuggling with Sis, with some saying Sis is the one he wanted anyway. Bella seemed to react to the reactions -- saying she could "no longer support Nick" -- but it seems like she's still conflicted about her own feelings. Nick and Sis don't appear to have any lingering feelings for each other, and Sis is now in jury with Jack, where they are probably rekindling their own romance.

Bella continued to show conflicted feelings during last night's Big Brother episode; she seemed to want to shush Nick when he brought her up on TV during his speech ... but then she wanted a link to his post-show interview:

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Prediction: Nick and Bella will be a couple outside of the 2019 house. They may even still be together this time next year, although the distance thing may be an issue. Big Brother is better at setting up couples than The Bachelor, so there's a legitimate chance they'll at least date for a while.

Nick also talked game with Julie, and when Julie asked for his ride or die, he said:

Nicole 100%, hands down Nicole.

Take that, Zingbot, Nicole does have loving friends! Nick even admitted that, in his pitch to HoH Holly Allen and her showmance-mate Jackson Michie, he said he would never put up Nicole. He wouldn't even lie about pretending to put up Nicole, since he said his game was based on loyalty.

However, as much as he loves Nicole, Nick said he thought Jackson or Holly would probably win Big Brother 21. That was before the wall comp, though. Here's what he said before that HoH:

If they can survive this week without winning HoH, one of them is 100% getting the final 2. Like, guaranteed.

Welp, the spoilers are in from that endurance wall comp, and they may change the game completely.

Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS. Do you think Nick and Bella will be a couple outside of the game? Do you think Nicole has a shot at winning this season?

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