Is Big Brother's Bella Really Over Nick?

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It's been a drama-filled week on Big Brother, so much so that some of the drama has spilled outside the walls of the house. While Jess was, for some reason, blowing up everyone's game and endangering her time on the show, ousted HouseGuest Isabella Wang was fuming on social media. She saw footage of her supposed boyfriend Nick Maccarone cuddling in bed with Analyse Talavera, and she was about as happy about it as many fans who have been witnessing a controversial Season 21 are about the show currently.

Bella went on quite the tear on Twitter after seeing what went down, but it seems like she's calmed down a bit. A cryptic tweet from Bella popped up that implied the former HouseGuest may have been tweeting before fully thinking things through when she was dragging Nick on her timeline prior.

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Now, we can only speculate on what Bella means by that, but it seems like she is implying her reaction to Nick's cuddling was more her feeding into how people wanted her to react rather than how she actually felt about it. That doesn't necessarily mean she's still not mad about what happened, but maybe she does regret going in on him and airing out the drama on Twitter. That said, those tweets are still up, so why wouldn't she delete them if she regretted it?

Meanwhile, Bella's Twitter activity may tell some of the story, as recent likes show her liking comments that are trending more positive towards the flip-flopping Nick. Then, during the episode, Bella tweeted something that almost seemed like she was bragging on him.

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That doesn't seem like the sort of tweet from someone who is necessarily moving on from her boyfriend, so it does seem possible Bella is willing to forgive for now and wait for the two to have a conversation about his actions after or during the finale. That's the next time they'll be able to see each other, as Nick will be sequestered in the Jury House of Big Brother house until this competition is over.

For those unaware, Nick has gone on the record and said that Bella probably would be upset with his actions when Christie Murphy called him out. He then followed up in saying that she shouldn't be though, as he knows that everyone in the Big Brother house are friends, so the cuddling isn't really a big deal. It is worth noting that Nick seems to cuddle with anyone who will have him (Tommy Bracco for example) so maybe it's more innocent than fans are assuming?

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