Big Brother Spoilers: Did Zingbot's Zing On Nicole Go Too Far?

Nicole Anthony Big Brother 21

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother 21. Read at your own risk!

It's Prank Week in the Big Brother house, but for the most part, it's been far from fun and games. There's been pies, scary clowns, and a Zingbot that burst into the house in the latest episode to deliver some cutting zings to HouseGuests. Every one of the competitors had something said about them, though fans feel like Nicole Anthony got a more brutal zing than most.

Which is saying something considering Jackson Michie was called a pompous douchebag. Zingbot did go harder on Nicole than some other HouseGuests however, by telling her that she had no friends in the house, no boyfriend, and no contact with the outside world. Zingbot then followed up by "realizing" that wasn't a huge deal to Nicole, and that she must feel right at home on Big Brother.

Nicole took the zing in stride, and to their credit the rest of the Big Brother house swarmed their fellow HouseGuest to let her know that's not the case. Twitter's response was far less chill, as users immediately started calling out the show's production staff for giving the go ahead on Zingbot delivering such a savage roast.

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Even if the zing was true, it certainly won't be after Nicole gets out of the Big Brother house. Nicole has been the internet's favorite HouseGuest on Big Brother 21 for quite a while now, and will probably be surprised to find she has a small army of followers ready to defend her from a trash-talking robot.

While Nicole looked fine at the time, the live feeds later revealed the Zingbot's words did sting a bit after the fact. While Jessica Milagros was talking about the suggestion that she's an irrelevant and boring player, Nicole brought up her burn and how, in her words, it's true.

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It's hard not to sympathize with Nicole, especially when it feels like Big Brother turned what should've been a slightly embarrassing roast into a seemingly personal attack. Despite that, she still took it better than others in the house. Holly Allen, for example, was heard threatening to self-evict herself from the competition after Zingbot called her an "old buzzard." She's still in the house as of writing, so she probably realized it could've been worse.

If there's any upside to this new controversy in Big Brother 21, it's that Nicole is going to have a lot more friends when she does get back out into the real world. Even if most of them will be fans willing to go to war with anyone who tries to talk smack about her, she'll have a number of people willing to rise up to her defense.

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It's not a good idea to say anything remotely critical of Nicole on social media right now, even if she is trying her hardest to save the disloyal Nick Maccarone. She's still struggling to make that happen at the moment, but perhaps house sympathy for the harsh zing will help her campaigning for Nick?

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