Big Brother Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted, Or Will Prank Week End With A Twist?

Big Brother 21 Christie looks nervous on the block CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Who will be evicted in Big Brother 21, Week 9 -- Christie Murphy, Nick Maccarone ... or No One? Not Arya Stark of Game of Thrones No One, but will there be one more last minute twist for Prank Week? I'm thinking no, or Julie Chen-*_Moonves*_ probably would've said something before Wednesday, the day before the August 29 eviction. But the houseguests are nervous or hopeful, depending on how they feel about Nick.

After all, it is Prank Week. And we haven't had a double eviction yet. And Nick has been telling anyone who'll listen that he doesn't feel like he's leaving.

Sunday's episode showed Nick and Christie are on the block -- Nick from Head of Household Holly Allen, and Christie from Nick's Prank Week power, which is looking like another wasted power. Jackson Michie won the Veto on Saturday and did not use it in Monday's Veto Ceremony, which will be shown in Wednesday's episode. Nick and Christie are the final nominees, heading into whatever awaits them on Thursday.

Nick hasn't been saying he feels like he's staying in the context of But I Think Christie Is Leaving, he's just hoping for something like a Reset twist. Something where Julie Chen pranks them and says they have to do the week over, maybe ending in a double eviction next week.

Or there could be a surprise double eviction this Thursday, with Nick and Christie both leaving, maybe one after the other. Or there could be a jury Battle Back, even though it seems too soon for that and we may not even get one of those this year. Or there could be a totally new twist to end Prank Week, beyond the pies and the ghosts haunting everyone though the Big Brother house.

I doubt any of that will happen, but Nick's confidence has me wondering if he's manifesting something. It could just be a false trail to give us an exciting Thursday episode before he's just evicted as planned. Sometimes they set these things up just so the eviction isn't so obvious.

There are only eight houseguests left, so five can vote if we have a normal eviction on Thursday. Three votes is enough to evict. There will be no tie.

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Christie and Nick are on the block, and Holly is HoH. The voters are Jackson, Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros, and Tommy Bracco. Jess is 100% to save Christie/evict Nick. Tommy always likes to be on the side of The House, so even though he gave his word to Christie that he would not vote against her ... he would change his mind if he thought Nick had the votes. But Tommy kinda has to play nice with Christie since she knows his secret. Jackson is currently 100% to evict Nick, since he's Holly's target. Nicole wants Nick to stay, but she would have to convince two other people to keep him. Cliff told Nick on Wednesday that he hadn't made a decision yet, but he did seem to tell Jackson and Holly he'll stick with them and evict Nick.

At the moment, remembering that we must still "expect the unexpected," it does look like the Nick eviction plan is solid for Thursday. Nicole is close to Nick, and she was doing her best to campaign for his safety -- when not getting into more pie-smashing antics. However, her pitch only seemed to solidify the Evict Nick plan. Nicole may even vote with her new alliance, if she realizes hope is lost.

For one thing, they -- Holly, Jackson, and even Cliff -- know Nicole will be closer to them once Nick leaves. Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole have a new final four plan. Nick even told Nicole that, if he leaves, he should stick close to Jackson and Holly since he trusts them more than Tommy.

Tommy -- who has been safe all season -- does seem like he might finally be the next target after Nick. If it's not Christie. It could also be Jess, though, since she's a safe target for anyone who remembers she's still in the house. Christie and Jess are tight, but otherwise Jess is just sort of there. It's sad, because she got Jack out. She did her job but then went back to just being there. That's not enough to win, girl!

Big Brother 21 Tommy and Nicole CBS

Jackson was planning to throw the next HoH, which is almost always a bad idea. If it's physical, he'll still try to win it, but Holly said he should only do that if it's down to him and Tommy. Jackson and Holly feel good with Jess, since Christie said Jess is good with them.

However, Christie herself would be fine putting up Jackson and Holly. She feels like her deal with them is over. Fair enough, since Jackson and Holly want Tommy out, but they're fine with seeing Christie go right after him or in his place if he comes down. Her name even came up again as a pawn option if it turns out Jackson does win HoH -- or if they have any influence over the houseguest who does win it. Cliff and Nicole would probably do what Jackson and Holly want. Tommy might put up Jackson and Holly. Jess? I don't know what Jess would do, but there's speculation that she would do a combination of the three guys left -- Jackson, Tommy, and Cliff.

That's assuming Nick leaves this week. I think he will, but if he and Christie both manage to stay in the house, put a timer on Christie taking credit because she manifested their safety in some way.

We already know Zingbot is coming tonight (Wednesday) in addition to Veto, and they might just show more of the ghost prank stuff Thursday and let that be enough drama, along with Nicole's campaign. Stay tuned for our recaps after Wednesday's and Thursday's episodes.

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