Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers Reveal Why Kristina Is Really Mad At Caelynn

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SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 is now airing, and I've been confused about so much of Kristina Schulman's behavior. Well, the reunion special was taped on August 27, and spoilers for what we'll see on September 17 have emerged, giving a clearer understanding of why Kristina is mad at Caelynn Miller-Keyes and feels like she keeps going after her men.

Stagecoach is involved. Because of course. That's where all future seasons of Bachelor in Paradise should be set.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 already delved into Blake Horstmann's antics at Stagecoach -- hanging out with Tayshia Adams, then having sex with Caelynn, then having sex with Kristina, then pursuing Hannah Godwin before Paradise. Caelynn was especially upset with Blake, but mostly -- it seemed -- for treating her like a dirty little secret. Supposedly saying what happened between them was a mistake and she shouldn't talk about it.

According to Reality Steve's tweeted spoilers from the reunion taping, Kristina brought up how Caelynn was actually with another guy at Stagecoach before her night with Blake. Not only that, Kristina came to Stagecoach with this guy -- named named Mark Dohner -- and then Caelynn hooked up with him. Apparently his name was not mentioned during the reunion taping, but this is the guy:

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Wow. Interesting that Whitney Fransway is in one of those photos. More on her in a minute. This whole Stagecoach update doesn't explain why Kristina stuck around Bachelor in Paradise accepting friendship roses from Blake. Or why she got so "heated" during her talk with Caitlin Clemmens.

But I can see why Kristina would be stewing from a pattern with Caelynn. After all, Kristina became Bachelor Nation's sweetheart after Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, when Dean Unglert had his love triangle with Kristina and DLo. Fast-forward to Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, and Caelynn started seeing Dean. When Dean left, Caelynn and Kristina both showed feelings for Connor Saeli. Connor chose to go out on a date with Caelynn, and that's when Kristina expressed frustration to the cameras about Caelynn always being interested in guys she likes.

Spoilers suggest Dean comes back, and Caelynn decides to leave Paradise with him. Connor does not turn to Kristina for comfort, but instead has another bizarre romance with someone who shows up later ... Whitney Fransway.

So this new intel about Caelynn's other Stagecoach hookup (but not sex, it seems) does give more history to Kristina's beef. There are also he said/she said reports about what really happened between Caelynn and Blake. Blake denied ghosting Caelynn, and revealed some of their text messages; Caelynn said they were clearly on different pages about the seriousness of the relationship. Moot points now, though.

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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