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It’s always a little bit bittersweet when a long-running series such as Suits is ending. Fans grow familiar with favorite characters and storylines and saying goodbye can be hard. It’s not just the fans who have feelings about shows ending, however. The cast is often affected emotionally as a series wraps, and that is certainly true of Suits.

While the final few Suits episodes haven’t aired on USA yet, the show did finish filming in Toronto this past week. Series lead Gabriel Macht, who has stuck with Suits since the very beginning, talked about some of the sacrifices he and his co-workers made with their families and in their personal lives in order to make Suits happen for nine years. He said:

People have long been obsessed with Harvey and Donna’s relationship in Suits, but during the final hours of filming, series actress Sarah Rafferty spent some time taking photos with people behind the scenes, including the USA series’ tailor and others related to the show. In addition, she also shared an image with Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt on Suits. Although Louis has long admired Donna, she has always tended to keep him at arms length, although they have shared a love for theater over the years.

Rick Hoffman himself has been documenting the last several weeks on the set of Suits via his Instagram. His last post, however, was maybe the most poignant, as he pointed out the next chapter of his life is starting right now.

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And the next chapter begins...

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Over the years, Suits has changed its lineup somewhat. The series originally also starred Meghan Markle, Patrick J. Adams and Gina Torres, the latter of whom has moved on to her own spinoff Pearson as Suits ends its run. She’s still a fan of the show and the lasting relationships she made over the years and shared her own post as the series wrapped production.

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Warning: This is gonna be a long one. @iamsarahgrafferty @iamgabrielmacht @halfadams @rickehoffman #aaronkorsh #meghanmarkle In short, #family. If I were to pick a moment when I “knew”, it would be this one. The beginning and the end of life as we knew it. After our first season @netaporter did a runway fashion show inspired by @suits_usa fashion. Here we are all lined up afterwards. In the years since then the amount of LIFE that we have walked through together by holding hands, holding space or bearing witness from a distance is staggering. And until recently I felt like the college graduate that kept going home to do laundry and grab a good meal, until I found my way again. But now, Mom and Dad have sold the house, packed up the RV and are off to destinations unknown and I find myself at a loss. A bit untethered all over again. When I left This beautiful family the first time, I was not on social media. My thoughts were my own. My salute to the MOST delicious cast and crew, was wonderfully private, including hugs I can still feel. Today I say goodbye for the second and last time to all that made this show so very extraordinary. You know who you are. You will forever have my deepest love and respect. ???? And if at all possible, could someone grab one of Harvey’s balls on the way out, for me??? Thanks!! #weveallleftthebuilding ???????????? #onlyloveisreal Stop crying!! Cuz if you miss us you can #streamanyfuckingtime

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During the final season of Suits, the show is seeing some major cast members return. Original lead actor Patrick J. Adams came back to play Mike during a Season 9 episode that aired in August, and he said previously he felt like returning was the only real choice. Per Adams:

Ultimately, it was about coming back. It was about, 'We'd love to get the band back together,' basically. Do one last trip around the world. It was as simple as that. For me, it was just an excuse to come and see everybody and really be here for the final moment.

Suits returned to the schedule for Season 9 earlier this summer and new episodes of Pearson air afterwards. Four more episodes are left to air until the end of an era, and you can catch the next one on September 4. If you are wondering how the series will end, newer lead Katherine Heigl has also revealed the worst way she feels the USA drama could wrap.

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