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Gina Torres Had 'Absolutely No Desire' To Return To Suits After Leaving

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Gina Torres’ long-awaited Suits spinoff is almost here! The actress initially departed the series and her role as powerhouse attorney Jessica Pearson back in Season 6. Torres appeared in Season 7. That installment's mid-season finale set up the character’s spinoff. Torres had starred on Suits since it began.

Now, she is almost back on television as the star of her own series: Pearson! It turns out that Gina Torres had no desire to reprise the role after she left Suits. In a sign of how time can change things, Torres explained what ended up making her decide to play Jessica again. Torres told TVLine:

You know, I had absolutely no desire to revisit the character when I left Suits. [Laughs] I thought I was done, and then some time went by, and I started thinking about her, and I started thinking about what she might be doing, and it just happened to coincide with the 2016 election. Politics, it was like must-watch TV. It was just insanity, all the things that were happening, and I started thinking about Jessica, what she might do in the political arena, because of her skill set, because of what she’s so good at, and that was the seed that gave us this.

Earlier this year, the former Suits actress shared similar sentiments regarding why she wanted Jessica Pearson to get a spinoff. It has been a seemingly long journey to get one. While there was buzz surrounding a spinoff back in 2017, it finally moved forward a year later.

Earlier this year, an exhilarating trailer for Pearson arrived. It showed Jessica Pearson in her element. The Suits spinoff will follow Jessica as she takes on a career as the Mayor of Chicago’s right-hand fixer. Pearson promises to chronicle Jessica’ internal conflict as she tries to pursue winning and doing the right thing.

If you had questions that never got answered about Jessica Pearson on Suits, Pearson is the show for you! Prepare to delve a lot deeper into the fan-favorite. Gina Torres talked about exploring Jessica in a more in-depth way in the spinoff, saying:

She had always been sort of this mystery, quite frankly. Jessica Pearson is an enigma. She existed on Suits in a very, very specific way. You knew very little about her past, you knew very little about her present. She was always trying to put out fires and manage those monster personalities at the firm. And so this, I feel like it’s brand new. We’re getting to mine this very rich character that we really didn’t have much time with, in real ways. There’s still so much to learn about her, her family, how she really processes her choices, and what she wants to do, and what it costs her at the end of the day, in real time. So that’s exciting for me. We get to see her as a whole person, not just as someone that sort of exists to keep her firm alive.

It sounds like fans are going to get a much more detailed glimpse into the life of Jessica Pearson. Jessica is going to be front-and-center with a newfound spotlight that should uncover even more layers to the dynamic character.

Will Suits other characters join her on the spinoff? Suits creator Aaron Korsh shared his thoughts on the potential of that happening. As Pearson begins, Suits will begin its end. Patrick J. Adams has revealed how the series will say goodbye to Meghan Markle’s character, Rachel.

Mike and Rachel got married and went off into the sunset together. Patrick J. Adams will be bringing Mike back for the final season. Also on board is a Star Trek: The Next Generation vet, whose character will have bad news for Harvey. For those who want the Suits universe to live on after the original is gone, Pearson will be keeping it spinning!

Gina Torres’ Suits spinoff, Pearson, has its series premiere Wednesday, July 17 at 10 p.m. ET on USA. The spinoff is one of this year’s summer premieres. Suits returns for its ninth and final season on July 17 at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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