Big Brother Spoilers: Cliff And Nicole May Have Gained A Huge Advantage

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Read at your own risk!

Nicole Anthony is once again the deciding vote in a vital eviction, and she's in a pretty good spot. She's certainly in a better position than the mighty Cliff Hogg III to be sure, but if the duo can stick together they're in a great position to become winners of this game. As is tradition in Big Brother 21 it was all thanks to loose lips and people saying the wrong thing to the wrong people.

It all started with Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco, who began to work on Nicole hoping she'd spare Jess with the argument they'd have numbers in the next HoH against Holly Allen. With those numbers, and the hypothetical situation where Cliff is eliminated, they could then put Holly and Jackson Michie up on the block and eliminate the problematic comp beast once and for all. It was a solid pitch, and certainly one for Nicole to consider.

Nicole would be stabbing her closest ally Cliff in the back by keeping Jessica Milagros over him though, so a conflicted Nicole went straight to Cliff with the news she's being worked on. She then found out that Christie had been talking to Cliff as well, and revealed that Jackson and Holly have a final four agreement with she and Tommy. Now everybody's game plan is allegedly out in the open, minus Nicole and Cliff's.

Now all they need is a plan, and for Nicole to stop pretending she's going to swing and keep Jess over Cliff. No offense to Nicole, but she's not the one for major moves and betraying her closest alliance and put a target on her back all on Christie and Tommy's behalf is not her style. She should assure Cliff she's voting out Jess, and then the two need to get to work on their gameplan now that they know everyone else's.

For now, the best play seems to be to stick together. They have a Final 4 agreement with Jackson and Holly, and are the weaker targets in comparison. Christie and Tommy would be crazy to put either one of them up over Jackson and Holly if they win HoH, and the two can re-align with whomever should one of them get the HoH and make whatever move makes sense for them.

Nicole giving into Christie and Tommy's plan would remove this precious spot, and likely make her the scapegoat the minute the plan blows up on the allied Christie and Tommy. Then, Nicole is exposed because it seems universally accepted she's one of the most-liked in the house. Play this one smart, Nicole, and don't be making major moves now on other HouseGuests' behalf!

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