A CBS Star Is Trying To Get Cast On Yellowstone Season 3

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A CBS star is ready to get cast on Yellowstone Season 3. The show has been the home to some significant guest stars. For instance, Dabney Coleman starred in the second season finale as John Dutton's father. Yellowstone’s Denim Richards revealed that Coleman was not the only legend who desired a chance to be on the show.

You can add The Neighborhood’s Beth Behrs to the slate of hopefuls! In a tweet, the 2 Broke Girls alum showed off some Yellowstone merchandise, which included her rocking a hat from the show. Expressing her excitement, Behrs said that all she needs now is to “make a guest appearance.” Check it out below:

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Is Yellowstone listening? Beth Behrs did not mention who she would like to play on the show. She does seem ready to be a Dutton. I could see her playing a cousin of the Dutton siblings through their mom. Or she could come on as a member of the rodeo or as a wrangler?

Thanks to a tweet the actress formerly shared, fans do know one Yellowstone character she is a massive fan of. Beth Behrs paid the show and Beth Dutton a major compliment. In a tweet, Behrs called Beth her “favorite female character on tv right now.” She added that actress Kelly Reilly is “a genius.”

Beth Behrs shared a video of her watching the show. The Yellowstone scene, she filmed was of Beth Dutton sounding off during the family’s breakfast. I bet Behrs is as curious as the rest of Yellowstone’s viewership about why Beth hates her brother, Jamie.

I would be interested to know what Beth Behrs’ theory is. The actors have provided some mysterious clues. Yellowstone’s co-creator teased Season 3 would explore the siblings’ relationship more.

There are a lot of new characters heading to the Western next season. Maybe Beth Behrs can join them, eventually. It is refreshing to see an actor so excited about a show that they are not on. Sometimes it leads to them guest starring.

The good news is that Yellowstone is not going anywhere any time soon. A recent update was given about the show’s longevity. Beth Behrs would probably be among those enthused by the answer. Following the series’ incredibly successful second season in the ratings -- and creatively (in my opinion) -- there is no reason to stop.

A glimpse of the progress being made on Season 3 has already been shared. It is going to be exciting! Hopefully, there is still time to fit superfan Beth Behrs into the season. What is neat about Yellowstone is there is a way to weave someone in very casually. Time will tell what happens!

A premiere date for Yellowstone Season 3 is still pending. When the third season premieres, it will do so on Paramount Network. You can catch Beth Behrs on The Neighborhood when the comedy returns as part of this fall’s premieres.

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