Yellowstone: 6 New Characters, And 2 We'll See A Lot More Of In Season 3

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Yellowstone Season 3 is happening with six new characters, and two returning favorites that fans will be seeing a lot more of! The end of the most recent season was highly emotional and undoubtedly left viewers anxious for Yellowstone’s return. You are not alone! To help with the wait, let's take a deep dive into who awaits!

The third season of the modern-day Western will be comprised of numerous new characters and the heightened presence of some familiar ones. What does it all mean for Yellowstone’s next outing? Let’s kick things off with the casting that came along with confirmation of Season 3.

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Josh Holloway as Roarke Carter

When Paramount Network announced the renewal of Yellowstone for a third season, it simultaneously announced the casting of Lost vet Josh Holloway. In Season 3, Holloway will take on the role of Roarke Carter. Fans already got a glimpse of him in action in that exciting first look teaser. His goal?

Well, Roarke Carter is a hedge fund manager, which should mean he crosses swords with Beth. She is a financier. My greatest concern? That he could come between Beth and Rip. After all that they went through together last season, I hope not. They have made too much great progress. Whatever happens, Josh Holloway’s character should bring the intrigue.

The Alienist Q'orianka Kilcher Mary Palmer TNT

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Q'orianka Kilcher as Angela Blue Thunder

The Alienist actress will join Yellowstone as Angela Blue Thunder in Season 3. Q’orianka Kilcher will play a Native American political opponent of Thomas Rainwater’s. She will apparently clash with Rainwater quite intensely. Why? Angela Blue Thunder is not satisfied with Thomas Rainwater’s management of the casino. She believes his work amounts to a catastrophe and confronts him about it in his office.

On a personal level, Angela Blue Thunder has been through a lot. Q’orianka Kilcher’s character is said to be a woman still suffering from a painful past. In the present day, she has become filled with an “unadulterated fury.” It will be interesting to learn more about both.

Animal Kingdom Jennifer Landon Mary TNT

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Jennifer Landon as Teeter

Animal Kingdom’s Jennifer Landon will play another new character in Yellowstone Season 3. Landon’s role could put her on the Dutton’s ranch. That is because Landon will star as Teeter, a new expert wrangler. Not a whole lot else is known about her. However, it sounds like she will have considerable skill as a wrangler!

Lifestyle-wise, Teeter is said to be “snuff dipping” and “sunbaked,” so there is that. It makes sense that she could end up coming to work on the Yellowstone. That is, unless a rival ranch somehow comes into play. It will be interesting to how she fits into Season 3.

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Karen Pittman as Willa Hays

The Blacklist’s Karen Pittman will star in the recurring role of brilliant businesswoman Willa Hays in Season 3. She is the CEO of Metro Capital, who always seems gets what she wants. Willa Hays is said to head to the ranch with a considerable offer for John Dutton. What she will offer him is not known.

It is supposed to be a deal that John cannot refuse. What will Willa Hays offer John Dutton, and will he end up accepting it? Could it involve the sale of some of the property? Stay tuned. At the end of Yellowstone’s second season, Beth intimated that they would probably lose the ranch. Was that foreshadowing something? Maybe.

Beyond Eden Brolin Charlie Singer Freeform

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Eden Brolin as Mia

She starred in the two-season drama Beyond, and now she is heading to Yellowstone. Eden Brolin will recur in Season 3 as Mia, per Deadline. Mia is a barrel racer at the rodeo. She will become friendly with the men of the bunkhouse. Will Mia also come to work at the Yellowstone?

Or will she become friends with the bunkhouse guys through Jimmy? Thanks to Lloyd, he learned he had a secret skill and competed in the rodeo to pay off a debt. He should not have any future debts to pay in Season 3. However, I could still see him continuing to compete in the rodeo for extra cash, potentially leading to Mia's introduction.

iZombie John Emmet Tracy Enzo Lambert The CW

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John Emmet Tracy as Ellis Steele

iZombie’s John Emmet Tracy will also star in a recurring role in Yellowstone’s next season. Tracy’s character spells trouble for the Duttons and the ranch. He will play Ellis Steele, according to Deadline. He's a guy capable of smiling at you while stabbing you in the back. Steele is the chief litigator of a firm that represents Fortune 500 companies.

It is what he represents for that provides cause for concern. Ellis Steele litigates on behalf of land-acquisition deals. Who is he representing and what will they achieve? Remember, Beth bought up a bunch of land in Season 2, and Jamie told her the ranch had not turned a profit in years.

Now, what returning actors will be around a lot more in Season 3? Let's take a look.

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Denim Richards as Colby

Denim Richards has played Colby since the beginning of the series. In Season 3, Richards will be seen a lot more as he has been promoted to series regular! As Yellowstone’s latest season came to a close, Colby was facing a decision. Richards explained how that would lead into Season 3.

Colby knows that his best friend, Ryan, is trying to “take the brand.” That's a move that would put him in deeper with the ranch. Meanwhile, Cowboy advised Colby to leave the Yellowstone in the same episode. What will Colby do in Season 3? Yellowstone will have a lot more time to explore what he decides.

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Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd

Another original character that Yellowstone viewers will see a lot more of is Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd. Smith was also promoted to series regular for Season 3. What does this mean for Lloyd heading into the next season? Viewers will have to watch and see!

Lloyd helped Jimmy out with the rodeo, and Yellowstone has given hints here and there about his long-time role at the ranch. Lloyd is a branded man, and in Season 1, he dropped someone off at the “train station.” Will he be doing more of that in Season 3? There will be ample suspense until viewers find out.

I am looking forward to seeing how all of the new and returning characters play into what goes down in Season 3. Yellowstone is gearing up for another great installment. Paramount Network and TV Land’s President of Development and Production, Keith Cox, offered a particularly exciting tease for what is to come.

I had a lot of wishes coming into Yellowstone’s sophomore season, and most of them came true. So, I am excited to see if Season 3 will follow suit. There is the hope of having more Beth and Monica scenes next season. Also, high on the list is learning why Beth hates Jamie.

Yellowstone’s creator indicated that the brother and sister’s troubled relationship will get explored more next season. After an installment that saw the drama between them only intensify, I will settle for some answers. Thankfully, the journey on Yellowstone is always riveting to watch while waiting.

Yellowstone will be back for Season 3 on Paramount Network. A premiere date for it has not been set yet. While you excitedly anticipate its sure-to-be epic return, try to survive on this fall’s premieres.

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