See Trailer: Jason Momoa's New Apple TV+ Series Looks Nearly As Epic As Game Of Thrones

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The trailer for Jason Momoa’s new Apple TV+ series, See, looks nearly as epic as Game of Thrones. If you do not believe it, you can check out the trailer below. Before you do, here is some background info. Momoa returns to the land of epic drama with See, a series set in a future where people have lost their sense of sight.

That is until Jason Momoa’s Baba Voss becomes the father of twins who can see and protecting them becomes the top order of business. Now, check out Momoa and more in the trailer for See. All signs point to it as a project that Apple TV+ has an excellent reason to think may just be its answer to Game of Thrones. It starts on the same day as Apple TV+ does! Watch:

Didn't I tell you it was epic? Jason Momoa is playing the hero who has to protect his family against the forces of Sylvia Hoeks’ Queen Kane. She wants his newborn twins, and I do not think it is so they can attend a birthday party she is throwing for them.

My bet is on Jason Momoa’s Baba Voss coming out victorious. Queen Kane could be in for a rude awakening! Baba Voss is going to be formidable, and with so many people behind him, it is going to be an epic fight to protect the twins.

Apple TV+ is certainly pulling out all of the stops as it continues to make its presence known. This Jason Momoa-led thriller looks packed with everything Game of Thrones fans desired from it. The trailer for See boasts lots of action, adventure, and high emotional stakes.

This story has got it all. See has the grand scale of Game of Thrones and its story seems to involve a large ensemble of characters.

Alfre Woodard will co-star with Jason Momoa as Baba Voss’ spiritual leader, Paris. Hence, there is going to be no shortage of talented actors starring in See. Mortal Engines’ Hera Hilmar will play the mother of the twins.

As you can tell, the budget on See was significant. In fact, it is on par with Game of Thrones and Big Little Liesbig budgets. A single episode of See reportedly came with a $15 million price tag, according to the Wall Street Journal. Surprisingly, that is not far off from the reported cost of Apple TV+’s non-action packed drama, The Morning Show.

The Jennifer Aniston / Steve Carell starrer’s budget puts it as one of the most expensive TV shows ever. Given its reported per episode price tag, See is right there with it! The trailer shows off the quality of any cinematic offering, and it looks set to entertain like one.

Those paying attention know that Apple TV+ is coming to the streaming service party with a lot of money. It is reportedly investing $6 billion (b as in boy) in original content. How it is being spent is another story. Based on the trailer, I would say that what Apple TV+ spent on See was worth every dime!

See is part of this fall’s premieres. The Jason Momoa epic premieres November 1 on Apple TV+.

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