Jason Momoa Landed A New Show On An Unexpected Platform

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Jason Momoa has become a big name in showbiz thanks to roles on projects like Game of Thrones, Frontier, and the upcoming Aquaman. Now, Momoa has landed a new show on the small screen that sounds like a killer showcase for him as an actor, but it won't debut where many of us probably expected. Momoa will star in the drama series See for Apple.

The fact that Apple landed a big name like Jason Momoa isn't altogether surprising, given some of the other talent that has already signed on for various series. The more surprising aspect of Momoa jumping to Apple is that his show Frontier -- no, not that Frontier -- is still ongoing at Netflix. The historical drama was renewed for a third season back in December 2017, and the next batch of episodes is expected to premiere at some point in 2018. Momoa has not given any indications as to whether or not Season 3 will be the last for Frontier; could his new Apple show be a sign that he'll end his run at Netflix following Frontier Season 3? Or will he simply pull double duty at two streaming services?

Whatever happens with Frontier on Netflix, it sounds like See should be an engaging show for Jason Momoa on Apple. He's set to star as a man by the name of Baba Voss, who is a fearless leader as well as a leader and guardian. Momoa should be more than capable of tackling such a role considering his past work. That said, See won't put Momoa back in a world like Westeros or Atlantis or even 18th century Canada. See is set in a future that sounds nightmarish in the way that should be fun to watch but definitely wouldn't be fun to live.

The eight-episode first season of See will take place in a future in which the majority of humankind has lost the ability to see. To survive this terrible turn of events without losing all semblance of civilization as they knew it, the people must find new ways to interact with each other, hunt, build, and overall just get by. The status quo of just getting by will be shaken up when a set of twins is born and the people discover that both babies can see.

No details are currently available about the role Jason Momoa's Baba Voss will play, but he sounds like somebody the twins (and likely their parents) will want on their side. That is, if Baba Voss isn't their father. It should be interesting to discover if Baba Voss has his sight fully intact. If not, Momoa will face a brand new challenge as an actor. See is executive produced by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight and director Francis Lawrence of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part 1 and 2, according to Deadline. We'll have to wait and see who will join Momoa in the cast of See.

No news has been released so far about when See could debut, but you can catch Jason Momoa in action and under water later this year. Aquaman premieres on the big screen on December 21, 2018. For some small screen viewing options while we wait, check out our summer TV guide and take a gander at Momoa on Frontier, with both current seasons streaming on Netflix.

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