The Brady Bunch's HGTV Show Scored The Network's Best Ratings In Years

Screenshot from a very brady aftershow

A Very Brady Renovation had been hyped by HGTV – and the various members of the original Brady Bunch – over the last several months. Apparently, that sort of exposure can be a great thing, because the numbers are in and A Very Brady Renovation was watched by a whole bunch of people.

In fact, A Very Brady Reservation was recently the highest-rated TV premiere in HGTV history, which is a feat in a day and age when people are watching traditional cable in smaller numbers. In addition, the show was also the #1 non-sports program to run the night of September 9, which is cool, but probably less surprising, given fall TV isn’t officially back yet.

In numbers, this translates to a 1.43 rating in the 25-54 advertising demographic. In total viewers, we know 8.1 million people showed up for A Very Brady Reservation. The telecast, which lasted for 90 minutes, also was up 160% in the ratings from the same time last year.

Pretty much, A Very Brady Renovation was a success, and not just because the numbers were good. The show features HGTV renovating and adding square footage to the iconic Brady Bunch home and the renovation will continue over the course of four episodes, not just one. So there should be more ratings news to come down the pipeline.

It probably helps that The Brady Bunch house was a big story before this HGTV project came together. About a year ago, news broke that former N’Sync band member Lance Bass had put in the winning bid for the home, only to find out that a corporate bidder was going to outbid him at every turn.

He went online to tell the story and express his frustration with losing the purchase. While, he ultimately lost the home, it definitely made people aware the house was for sale and had been won by HGTV. His story started the narrative around the show, and then HGTV confirmed it was the buyer and would be renovating the house back to its 1970s glory. Not only that, a slew of popular HGTV personalities and some of the members of the original Brady Bunch cast are also involved, so it's just kind of been a fun gimmick for everyone involved, and apparently everyone watching.

New additions including the floating staircase and more that fans will recognize from the original TV series, which ran between 1969 and 1974.

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Now, you can see the project come to fruition across the next few weeks. In fact, A Very Brady Renovation will air through the rest of September. You can catch new episodes on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET, or take a look at what else is coming with our 2019 fall TV schedule.

Now, we’ll just have to wait and see if the success of this show inspires another sort of Brady Bunch revitalization in the future.

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