Big Brother Spoilers: Tommy Bracco Shares Emotional Memory Of 9/11

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

It was a somber morning in the Big Brother house as Cliff Hogg III had arranged for the remaining HouseGuests to come together for a memorial service in remembrance of 9/11. There was a moment of silence, a display made of cereal pieces, and each member of the house talked a little a bit about their personal experience of that fateful day in American history.

Among one of the more emotional re-tellings of the day was that of Tommy Bracco, who was born in Staten Island which put him relatively closer to the World Trade Center terrorist attacks than the rest of the Big Brother HouseGuests. The HouseGuest was of middle school age when the event happened, and remembered reacting to the event in a very unique way.

Tommy was at an age where he was old enough to understand the gravity of the situation, but also too young to understand his solution may not have been the best method to help his family. It's a great reminder of the fear that many Americans young and old felt that day, and the want to try and help out in whatever way possible. The fact that Tommy was thinking of protecting his family during such a harrowing time may speak to the caring person he is.

While Tommy Bracco was digging holes out in Staten Island on September 11, 2001, Big Brother was actually in the midst of Season 2. In what is remembered as one of the franchise's more memorable moments, producers informed HouseGuests of what was happening despite the fact they were supposed to be isolated, and had to tell Monica Bailey that her cousin was still unaccounted for following the building's collapse. Sometime later, it was revealed her cousin was among the lives lost that day.

Big Brother 21 HouseGuests paid homage to the tragedy and continued to speak about the day, though not all remembered it as well as others. For example, both Jackson Michie and Nicole Anthony were around 6 years old at the time of the tragedy, so their recounting of the events or the day was obviously a bit different than the older HouseGuests like Cliff , Tommy, and Holly Allen. It was a nice coming together moment for the house, which may descend into chaos after the coming eviction.

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