Welp, Netflix Cancelled Melissa Joan Hart And Sean Astin's Show After One Season

Melissa Joan Hart in No Good Nick Netflix

Another one bites the dust. Netflix just cancelled Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin's new show No Good Nick after one season. The 20-episode first season was released in two parts -- the first 10 episodes in April 2019 and the second part in August 2019.

No Good Nick co-creator David H. Steinberg issued a statement saying the whole team was "heartbroken" to not get to continue into Part 3, but they were also proud of the story they told and all the boundaries the show broke:

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Sean Astin also reacted to the end of the "special show," which is now "gone too soon":

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Lauren Lindsey Donzis played Molly, the youngest Thompson child, and she (or her mom, who runs her Twitter account) reacted to fans who were upset about the cancellation.

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Back in mid-August, Sean Astin asked fans to do a fast binge of No Good Nick to boost the chances of the show returning.

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It sounds like it was a matter of viewership, which can be frustrating since a lot of people stream shows at a slower pace.

Apparently No Good Nick just didn't connect with enough people? It's not always easy to know why Netflix makes the decisions it does, especially after just one season. Variety simply confirmed that Netflix cancelled the multi-camera drama/comedy, which starred Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin as competitive career mom Liz Thompson and dorky dad Ed Thompson, who welcome 13-year-old Nick (aka Nicole) into their home, not knowing Nick was set up by her imprisoned father to try and right a wrong he claims was done by the Thompsons. Nick comes to love the family and struggles to go through with her revenge plan.

Sean Astin was a standout in Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix, and of course he's been famous for decades from The Goonies, Rudy, and the Lord of the Rings films. Melissa Joan Hart has also been a star since she was very young, from Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All to Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey.

No Good Nick fans are now devastated and reaching out with posts like this:

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It's not a great time for Netflix to be cancelling shows, since a lot of subscribers just cancelled the service entirely in protest of exact moves like this. The #CancelNetflix movement was started by fans of The OA, but also in support of recently cancelled Netflix shows like The Santa Clarita Diet, Travelers, and One Day At A Time.

At the very least, I'm surprised Netflix didn't want to keep Sean Astin happy after he gave his life for us on Stranger Things. Were you a fan of No Good Nick? Are you upset at this abrupt cancellation?

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