How To Watch Downton Abbey Streaming Ahead Of The New Movie

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Wondering how to watch Downton Abbey via streaming ahead of the new movie’s release? You are almost certainly not alone! There are undoubtedly a ton of other faithful fans or curious souls wondering with you. Where can you catch up on the drama of the beloved costumer? Good news. There are several options.

Downton Abbey initially aired in the UK on ITV. The series found its stateside popularity flourish on PBS. Fans will recall the pop culture phenomenon airing as part of the public broadcaster’s ever-popular Masterpiece anthology. Thanks to PBS, you can stream it, and here is how!

PBS Passport

Every single season of Downton Abbey is currently available to stream on PBS Passport. You can reunite or meet the Crawley family via the streaming platform. It will require a membership. Whether you want to get hooked or refresh your memory on the tragedies and triumphs of Downton Abbey’s characters, you can!

Amazon Prime Video

Do you have Amazon Prime? Well, then head on over to Downton Abbey’s section on Prime Video! You can watch all six seasons of the fan-favorite drama with your Prime membership. If you are not a member, you can also purchase each season. Not a bad route to go. However, a super convenient one for those with a Prime membership.

Apple TV

Not interested in getting a PBS Passport or an Amazon Prime membership? I totally understand. That is where Apple TV comes in! Experience Downton Abbey in all of its glory by ordering episodes via iTunes. The complete series is there, so you do not have to worry about missing out on a single plot twist.

Google Play

Need another alternative to get your Downton Abbey binge-watching on? I understand. Google Play has all six seasons available for purchase to stream. This is another option that will allow you to enjoy every heartrending moment. If you ever need a good cry, an episode will only be a click away.

The rush to catch up on Downton Abbey is officially underway as the series’ theatrical follow-up gets ready for release. The series chronicles the lives that unravel within the walls of the eponymous Yorkshire estate. Those inhabitants include members of the Crawley family and the staff that works at their home.

After six seasons and the launch of many star-making careers, Downton Abbey drew to a close in 2015. Fans will recall that during its run, it lost quite a few well-loved characters. Four years later, fans will get a chance to catch back up with those that survived the series in the movie.

The critics have already weighed in. Soon, audiences in the United States will too! Downton Abbey’s self-titled film arrives in theaters on September 20, 2019, in the United States. If you need some television content to pass the time, there are plenty of fall premieres.

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