Will Suits End With Harvey And Donna Engaged In The Series Finale?

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Spoilers ahead for the penultimate episode of Suits, called "Thunder Away."

Suits is only one episode away from ending its nine-season run on USA, and there are still a lot of loose ends to be tied off. Most of the penultimate episode was grim and intense, starting with the funeral for Harvey's mom and proceeding to a case of Samantha and a returned Mike suing Faye for wrongful termination, and Faye forcing Harvey and Louis to represent her.

Friends cruelly lashed out at each other, Katrina got fired for trying to help without having all the information, and even some dirt on Faye may not have been enough to get rid of her and return Samantha to the firm. Even Mike and Harvey ended on unfortunate terms in the episode, after Harvey turned what had been a social night out into a means to serve Mike with a subpoena.

There was one small scene that may have indicated that a happy ending is on the way for Harvey and Donna, and fans have every reason to suspect that Suits will end with the show's longest-running duo (if not romantic couple all along) engaged to be married.

Harvey sat alone and opened a letter that his mom had left for him before she died. The envelope also contained an engagement ring, which Harvey found before he read the letter. This is what his mom's last note to him said:

Dear Harvey, I know we've been talking about a visit soon, and I was gonna bring this with me as a surprise, but I don't wanna miss my chance. So I wanted to make sure you have this, just in case. I know your grandmother would have loved Donna. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally meet her. Love, Mom.

The scene itself was heartbreaking, as Harvey was reading his mother's final words that she wrote because she wasn't sure she'd ever get that visit with her son that they were talking about. It's truly sad that Harvey and Donna have been so close for so long and his mom never got to meet her. Still, the voiceover from his mom as Harvey read the letter was warm and loving.

Was Harvey on the verge of tears reading the letter? Yes. Did he hide the ring and choose not to tell Donna what the letter said? Also yes. But he also suggested that he'll tell Donna what the letter says, just not that day, which is understandable.

His mom had just died, the firm was falling apart, and he and Louis had to tear Samantha apart in court. Just because Harvey didn't feel like popping the question in this episode doesn't mean Suits will end without a ring on Donna's finger!

In some of the few lighthearted moments of the episode, Mike expressed that Rachel would have liked to see Harvey and Donna together, and Harvey thanked Mike for the part he played in pushing them to finally truly explore a romantic relationship. If only the characters had stopped trying to drop F-bombs! I guess I can't have everything.

Even despite all the gloom and doom of "Thunder Away," there was hope on the horizon for Harvey and Donna. If Suits isn't going to end on a down note that goes against everything that happened in the penultimate episode, then I would put money on Harvey popping the question. Katherine Heigl certainly wouldn't be happy if the finale ripped them apart!

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