Supernatural Season 15 Has Disappointing News For Dean And Castiel

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Supernatural ended its fourteenth season on a major cliffhanger involving a vengeful God, souls unleashed from Hell, and a horde of zombies rising from their graves to menace the Winchesters and Castiel while Jack lay dead. Still, there was more conflict than just what the boys are going to have to stab and punch their way out of when Season 15 kicks off. The previous finale ended with Dean (and to a lesser extent, Sam) upset with Cas for hiding Jack’s issues before Jack ultimately killed Mary. So, how will that play into Season 15?

Unfortunately for fans of Dean’s relationship with Castiel, the bad blood isn’t going anywhere too soon. Supernatural co-showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed to TVLine that the Winchesters being on “not on the best of terms” with Cas “is not something that’s going to rectify itself right away.” Uh oh!

Well, in all fairness, Jack did end up killing Mary Winchester, who is seemingly staying dead this time around. Most of the Winchesters’ lives since Sam was a baby have been at least partly driven by Mary’s first death, and it took a while for Mary to get used to interacting with her adult sons when she’d last seen them as young boys. Just when things seemed good, Jack killed her.

Still, Castiel didn’t mean for Mary’s death to happen, and he had the best of intentions. With God/Chuck furious at the Winchesters, souls from Hell unleashed, and everything quite possibly upside down, this may not be the time for the remnants of Team Free Will to be fighting amongst themselves. I can see Sam making peace with Cas sooner than Dean, if only because Dean sure does know how to hold a grudge, and it’s not the first time he’d have taken his time forgiving his angel pal, “profound bond” or not.

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It's worth noting that Sam and Dean are going to be lose people "in a very real way" in Season 15, and only Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have weighed in on the final scene of the series at this point, with no commentary on that last scene from Misha Collins. In fact, Collins did tell CinemaBlend that Supernatural will not have a "conventional happily-ever-after."

Will Castiel make a premature exit from Supernatural? If so, will he and Dean get back on good terms with each other? Or will Cas survive them all, as none of his deaths ever stick? Jared Padalecki has promised a "version of peace" for the Winchesters, whereas Jensen Ackles had trouble with the series finale ending until he spoke to series creator Eric Kripke.

All of this said, I doubt that Supernatural will run its entire last season or even most of its last season with the Winchesters on bad terms with their longest-running ally. I'm not sure Cas will be able to get back in Dean's good graces with pie and beer, and it may take a big turn of events to push Dean to apologize, but it should be an interesting final ride.

Supernatural returns to The CW as one of two long-running series coming to an end on the network in the 2019-2020 TV season on Thursday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET.

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