The Blacklist Season 7 Exclusive Has Liz Explaining All The Crazy Twists To Aram

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Who is ready for an exclusive clip from Season 7 premiere of The Blacklist? Same! Luckily, we have one, and in the fun scene below, Liz can be seen catching Aram up on all of the crazy twists that have unraveled. How she manages to do so in a relatively brief time is probably a testament to her succinct rundowns for the Task Force.

For Blacklist fans who need a refresher on all of the twists and turns surrounding the real Raymond Reddington and his imposter, this Season 7 premiere scene is honestly extremely helpful. Aram is not entirely aware of the situation and Liz provides a crash course in everything. From Red’s imposter status to the mention of Ilya Koslov, it is a lot to process. Take it away, Liz!

Just like that, The Blacklist has delivered one of many must-have moments destined to come in Season 7. On that note, as demonstrated in the clip, Aram is incredibly awesome! According to the genius, he and Liz will need therapy after everything that has gone on, and I can totally see his point.

Now that Aram knows the latest about Red, Liz has even more sleuthing support heading into The Blacklist Season 7. I am curious to find out if Aram starts to doubt the Ilya Koslov story, like Ressler, did last season.

While Liz had expressed her own uncertainties at the time all of this went down, she is maintaining the above as her working theory regarding Red’s identity. We see that in how she relayed the whole tale to Aram. Now, how will Aram, learning the truth about Red, play into the premiere?

It seems possible that the clues Liz supplies could help him potentially narrow down Red’s location. Remember, Red is being held prisoner by Katarina as Season 7 gets underway. While his last known whereabouts were Paris, France, it seems likely Katarina has moved Red elsewhere.

Katarina’s goal? To extract some sort of clandestinely-held knowledge from Red. Will she get it out of him? What on earth is it that she wants to know and where is she holding Red to learn it? Thankfully, fans of The Blacklist are about to find out.

With Aram now in the know about Red, I expect some significant truths to start busting loose early in the season. Potential research from Aram should theoretically supply some verification of Ilya Koslov’s existence, at the least. Remember, “The Stranger” is going to be back with some answers. Is that because Aram tracks him down?

I hope so. There was that tease about The Blacklist potentially having “less secrets” in Season 7. Considering Aram’s newfound knowledge, Liz is on the right track to procuring answers. Could a Liz/Aram investigation contribute to the “friction” surrounding the question of Red’s true identity?

Tune in as The Blacklist reveals more secrets with its return this fall. Season 7 premieres this Friday, September 27, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. You can catch up on previously revealed Blacklist intel via Netflix, along with lots of new content.

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