The Blacklist Season 7 Has 'More Action' And 'Less Secrets'

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The Blacklist Season 7 is coming! If you loved those explosive pictures from the series’ return, you will appreciate this new first look video! In it, Megan Boone teases “more action” and the potential of “less secrets” being on their way, and that is not all.

Katarina Rostova made her jaw-dropping debut in the present in last season’s finale. Season 7 could be the chance to find out who she really is, if that is even possible on The Blacklist. Get ready for more teases as to why Katarina kidnapped Red in the finale! Check out the first look trailer below:

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Who else can barely wait for Season 7? Fans may be one giant step closer to more of the truth. Remember, an endgame is supposed to “snap into focus,” per The Blacklist’s creator. The reason Katarina abducted Red has been one of the summer’s greatest cliffhangers to contemplate. She is pursuing the answer to something.

Is it a secret only Red knows the answer to? Or could someone else also hold the key? What on earth does she want to know, in the first place? The Blacklist’s cast is not giving anything away. Their teases are certainly going to get you pumped! On how Season 7 begins, James Spader says in the teaser:

The season ended last year in crisis and the season opens this year in even worse crisis. . . There has been a lot of mythology that's already been presented about Katarina Rostova. . . You're never quite sure on our show what your firm footing is, or if there is any firm footing.

Firm footing is a difficult thing to find on The Blacklist, and that is a large part of the fun. The mythos surrounding Katarina has swung from villain to misunderstood anti-heroine more times than I can count. When viewers were given Red’s “real identity,” they got another Katarina-filled flashback episode.

In it, Katarina was presented in sympathetic terms. She risked her life and blew her cover to save someone’s life. Katarina also showed concern regarding the original Raymond Reddington’s fate. So, to finally meet her in the finale and have her drug Red was a shocker. Discussing that and Katarina’s introduction in the first look teaser, Laila Robins (Katarina) says:

The cliffhanger at the end of Season 6 was quite something. People have been waiting for this character to emerge for a long, long time. . . You don't really even know what she's pursuing, but she pursues it with a vengeance.

What does Katarina want to know? That is just one of the many mysteries heading into The Blacklist Season 7. Of course, Red’s real identity is way up there too. As the first look ends, she tells a seemingly exhausted Red that he will divulge “everything” that she wants to know. Sounds like the potential of mortal enemy territory to me!

Will Red give up this secret? Could the audience finding out what it is that Red is hiding change the game again? On the one hand, fans have been told that Katarina is the “most formidable big bad” of the series. Not the most heroically-minded endorsement. Then, you have that cryptic and foreboding Season 7 poster about Red and trust.

Whatever turns out to be the case, it should be a ride! In the first look video, Megan Boone teases Season 7, saying:

Now that Katarina Rostova has entered the picture, I think that's going to dramatically alter Liz's life forever. . . I think the show just keeps getting better and better every season. . . More action, maybe less secrets.

Liz trusted Red about his Katarina verdict enough to bring her daughter home. Will she live to regret it? Katarina reentering Liz’s life is a game-changer. The questions are how it will exactly impact her and does Katarina have her daughter’s best interest at heart? There is only one way to know for sure!

Find out what happens in Season 7 when The Blacklist returns as part of this fall’s premieres. Season 7 premieres Friday, October 4 on NBC with new episodes airing Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. Catch up on the history of The Blacklist via Netflix, along with lots of new content.

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