Criminal Minds Star Reveals How Chameleon Will Affect The Final Season

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One of the stars of Criminal Minds is revealing how the Chameleon will affect the series’ final season. Fans will recall that the crime drama introduced Season 15’s big bad in the previous season's finale. Everett Lynch, aka the Chameleon, is the villain the BAU and Rossi will have to square off against in the final season.

For a big bad refresher, the Chameleon’s MO involves traveling to various towns and gaining the trust of young women. After doing so, he proposes to them and then proceeds to cut off their faces. Grisly! Rossi explained all of this to his then-fiancé, and now-wife, Krystal. The Chameleon seemed to have Joe Mantegna’s stalwart protagonist nervous.

Being on the hunt for a maniac should leave anyone in hot pursuit unsettled. Criminal Minds’ showrunner, Erica Messer, indicated that the dynamic between the Chameleon and Rossi would find the former being Rossi’s version of the Joker. Does that make Rossi Batman or Commissioner Gordon? I do not know. What I do know is that is not where the teases about the Chameleon end.

Last season, Criminal Minds set up the character’s run, which will span roughly half of Season 15, with "four or five" episodes. That is what Ozark’s Michael Mosley (he played Pastor Mason) shared when teasing his time on the veteran drama’s final season to TVLine. He also revealed that the Chameleon will test Rossi and the team’s patience. Due to the Chameleon changing up his appearance, Mosley had to don various disguises and "run around like a maniac," but noted that being with the show in the end "was an honor."

If anything, it sounds like an eventful cat-and-mouse game between criminal and cop is about to play out. As Erica Messer previously teased, the series’ final ten episodes will pick up six months after the previous season's finale. She also shared that the chase for the Chameleon is on!

So, expect the hunt for him to comprise a great deal of Criminal Minds’ focus. He is their last big bad. A serial killer whose attempted capture will figure into several episodes of Season 15. Rossi is preparing to face a formidable foe, so I would expect some fireworks. As for the series finale itself, it has been teased in incredibly explosive terms.

The final season will not only be about the Chameleon, though. Criminal Minds will welcome back a super special guest star. Also, expect some more stuff between JJ and Reid in the drama’s final bow. But, the ripples from last season’s finale bombshell may not play out with them getting together.

Fans have a bit longer to wait to see how it all works out. The series is coming back later than usual. Criminal Minds will return for its fifteenth and final season after this fall’s premieres, during the 2020 midseason on CBS. You can catch up on past seasons of the crime drama via Netflix, along with newly arriving content.

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