Criminal Minds Is Getting Supernatural Before Rossi's Big Wedding Finale

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Is it a good or bad sign when paranormal activity picks up before a wedding? David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) is about to find out. Criminal Minds will be getting supernatural in the penultimate episode of Season 14. A.J. Cook revealed the intriguing tidbit, saying:

We explore the idea of ghosts and the spirit world and the afterlife…. It’s an interesting take. There have been some interesting twists for us so far this season, and they’re going to continue on until the end of the show.

As if that is not foreboding enough, the title of Season 14’s last episode before Rossi’s wedding is “Sick and Evil.” Never two adjectives you want preceding a TV wedding. What actress A.J. Cook (JJ) told TVLine offers an intriguing tease into what’s to come on Criminal Minds right before its season finale.

Based on what she said, it is unclear if the world of ghosts and spirits will be treated as legitimate, or if Criminal Minds will offer a practical answer to seemingly supernatural happenings. A.J. Cook hints at a lot of twists coming down the line.

Could Criminal Minds be about to validate the spirit world? Well, this is not The CW series Supernatural, so it seems a tad doubtful. As the crime procedural has demonstrated throughout its run, evil often takes tangible and all-too-human form.

It will be interesting to learn which side Criminal Minds comes down on. Many times, shows will leave the door open to the possibility that there is a supernatural element. It would not be surprising if Criminal Minds did the same. Whatever is in store, it sounds especially compelling because A.J. Cook said it is “interesting.”

That could mean any number of things are ahead on Criminal Minds. The show is heading towards its endgame, so it may be willing to take a chance with something super surprising.

Exploring the supernatural opens the door to various storyline possibilities. It also requires the writing to walk a thin line. If the “spirit” does something beyond the realm of human contribution, Criminal Minds will have settled on where it stands. Is it bad luck to be thrown across the room by a spirit, right before your wedding day?

Whether, Criminal Minds takes a “maybe?” approach to the supernatural, one thing is more certain. The show is heading toward the end of its penultimate season. Criminal Minds will wrap up its run with its fifteenth season. It will not do so without seizing on some happy times.

After teasing romance for Rossi earlier in the season, he will be getting married in the Season 14 finale. That episode is entitled “Truth or Dare.” It is still slightly foreboding, albeit nowhere near as ominous as the penultimate episode of Season 14.

Find out if the ghosts from the penultimate episode haunt Rossi’s wedding. Criminal Minds’ Season 14, Episode 14 airs Wednesday, January 30 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The season finale airs the following Wednesday, February 6. The crime drama is one of many shows that returned new during the midseason.

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