Vikings Showrunner Shares Surprising Thoughts About Ivar's Journey After Season 5

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Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst has shared some surprising thoughts about Ivar’s journey after Season 5, which fans will be able to relive on Blu-ray and DVD with Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2. At one point during the season's big battle, it did not seem like Ivar was going to have to go anywhere. However, the clash between the sons of Ragnar ended up with Bjorn as the victor. Following his defeat, Ivar made a hasty exit.

After murdering Freydis, Ivar escaped from Kattegat, heading off his brother’s chance to bring him in. Ivar was last spotted on the back of a wagon of some sort. Did Ivar have an idea of where he was heading when he made a break for it? Michael Hirst provided keen insight in a chat with CinemaBlend about the Vikings Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-ray and DVD set, telling me this:

No, I think at that point he’s just escaping. He knows that he’s beaten, he’s been beaten, and you know he always had an escape plan. A way of escaping and he simply gets out before Bjorn can capture him. So, in Season 6 begins another story of where he went and what happened to him. So, no it wasn't a plan.

I had thought Ivar might have already planned out where he was heading, so this answer came as a surprise. It turns out that Ragnar’s cunning son did not have an exact destination in mind. Now comes another story for Vikings Season 6 to unravel. It should be interesting to learn where Ivar ends up heading off to and how he ends up there!

Given what is known about where Ivar ends up, that is made all the more intriguing! Based on what Michael Hirst has said about Ivar’s journey in Season 6, fans do know one of the locales he travels too. He will spend time in Rus, now Russia. There, he will encounter a new world and a newly introduced character to Vikings.

Based on the teaser trailer, and some posts on social media, a prince may not be the only person that Ivar meets up with in Season 6. There is a strong possibility that he could end up meeting up with the brunette doppelganger of his dead wife, Freydis. It is unlikely Ivar had any way of knowing that when he left Kattegat!

While responding to the criticism surrounding the character, Michael Hirst previously teased that viewers will “learn more about Ivar" in Season 6. With his brutal reign in Kattegat now over, there is a chance to see Ivar in a new environment. One that he had not planned to head into.

If Ivar was smart and had access to technology, he would certainly pick up the Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-ray and DVD set, which hits shelves on Tuesday, October 8. Fans will not only have access to extended versions of all the episodes, but there are also deleted scenes to explore, multiple featurettes to watch, and audio commentaries from Michael Hirst and Gustaf Skarsgard to learn from.

Vikings is heading into its final season after series creator Michael Hirst decided it was time. Based on what is known, Season 6 is going to be an epic ride for all of your favorite characters. From Lagertha working to redefine her last chapter to the possibility of Rollo's return, and whatever Ivar gets up to, it is bound to be eventful!

A premiere date for Vikings’ sixth and final season has not been announced yet, so stay tuned. It will sail onto History eventually. Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-ray will release on Tuesday, October 8. While waiting for Season 6 to arrive, there will be a lot of fall premieres arriving to help tide you over.

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