Katheryn Winnick Talks Lagertha 'Redefining Her Last Chapter' In Final Season

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Ever the source for Vikings teases, Katheryn Winnick is talking about Lagertha’s story in the sixth and final season. Fans are counting down the minutes, hours, days, and weeks until Season 6 begins. Who better to tease what lies ahead than Winnick? The Vikings star has not been shy about getting fans hyped. Even seeming to confirm a major plot point.

Now, she is dishing on how the shield-maiden turned one-time Queen of Kattegat will be taking on her last chapter. Katheryn Winnick reveals that the final season will find Lagertha trying to redefine what that will be. It sounds like a lot of excitement lies ahead for the fan-favorite. Regarding Vikings Season 6, Winnick told ET Canada:

So, I feel it's a new chapter of her life. She's trying to now redefine who she is now as a grandmother. And somebody that used to be a queen, and a warrior, and now finding new peace in redefining her last chapter really.

Lagertha has taken on many roles in her lifetime. While her days as a queen and warrior seemed to be over in Vikings’ last season, she remains a grandmother. I find it interesting to hear Katheryn Winnick tease that part of Lagertha’s life. Does this mean it will get a special emphasis? Maybe.

Vikings dealt Lagertha a lot of blows in Season 5. After her challenging ordeal, Lagertha seemed to be in a more positive place as it ended. For those wondering, it sounds like she still has one more battle ahead. Katheryn Winnick said:

It's going to be adventurous. It's going to be amazing. I'll tell you one thing at this. She's not done fighting yet. So, there is definitely one big battle still to come.

This is interesting news! What fans have seen of Season 6 so far, showed Lagertha back in her armor. Leading one to think that she would take up arms again. When Vikings left off, Lagertha seemed determined to start a new life. And, that life seemed to be away from the battlefield, because a decision made after her last battle left her in incredible mental anguish.

Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst indicated that her life as a retiree would only last so long. In teasing what Season 6 has in store for Lagertha, he described her not being able to leave her fame behind, while promos for the upcoming season had Lagertha sounding off following an attack by King Harald.

Is the battle with King Harald the one that Katheryn Winnick is saying Lagertha will participate in? Or is it another one? You have to imagine there will be more than one attack on Kattegat in Vikings’ final season. It is tough to know if the teasers have been hinting at the same attack confirmed to be perpetrated by Harald or another one.

Remember, Ivar is out there somewhere in Rus with someone sporting a familiar (if unrelated) face. In the initial teaser trailer for Season 6, Lagertha also talked about him dying for “all of us.” Will this man die in the same battle that Lagertha takes part in? Or will she decide not to fight and then take up arms after they are killed in a different battle?

Something tells me that Bjorn may get killed in the final season. Even though I would have preferred to see him rule Kattegat for a while, considering all the lead-up to him taking over. That said, if anything could bring Lagertha out of retirement to fight another day, it would be avenging Bjorn. Stay tuned to find out.

History has not announced a premiere date for Vikings’ sixth and final season. You can watch Lagertha in action during Seasons 1 through 5 of Vikings on Amazon Prime Video. For non-Vikings content, check out summer’s sprawling selection of premieres.

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