Hawaii Five-0 Is Bringing Back Former Star Masi Oka In The Best Way

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Hawaii Five-0 is bringing former star Masi Oka back to the show in the greatest way! Oka previously starred on the crime drama from Season 2 until the midpoint of Season 7. Now, he is headed back to guest star on a super special episode of Hawaii Five-0, and he is doing so in costume!

If you guessed that Masi Oka would return just in time for Hawaii Five-0’s Halloween episode, then you were right! Oka is bringing Max back, and he will once again go to the annual Halloween party as a famous Keanu Reeves character, per TVLine. Can you deduce which of Reeves’ beloved characters it will be?

Yes, Max will be going as cinema’s assassin extraordinaire, John Wick! Hawaii Five-0’s Halloween episode will air Friday, October 25, so fans will not have to wait too much longer to see Masi Oka don his John Wick costume! There is more good news, too!

Masi Oka’s Max will not be returning alone. He will make his visit along with his son. It is going to be a family affair! There is no word on if Max will have his son go in costume too, but I think it would be neat if he did!

While Max has gone as various Keanu Reeves characters in the past, John Wick is an excellent choice for his return. A new movie in the hit franchise debuted earlier this year, and more are destined to follow. Can you think of a better one of Reeves’ characters to go as this year? Me neither.

It will be nice for Hawaii Five-0 fans to have a familiar face return. After a lot of back and forth, mystery, and speculation, Season 10 did witness the exit of Jorge Garcia’s Jerry. Thankfully, his arc was left open, which means, like Masi Oka’s Max, Garcia’s Jerry could make a return visit.

Masi Oka has previously revealed why he left Hawaii Five-0 after five seasons on the crime drama. Oka’s decision, which he made in advance, helped the show craft a feel-good farewell for his character. Max’s farewell storyline saw him retire from his position as the medical examiner in Honolulu. He then took a job working with Doctors Without Borders and moved to Africa with his wife, Sabrina.

In the episode Max is returning to Hawaii Five-0 in, the Task Force will be busy. There will be an investigation into a deadly home invasion after a “monster” gets loose from the basement. Will the team need Max’s help to help solve this case? It would make sense if they did!

New episodes of Hawaii Five-0 air Fridays, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Masi Oka’s Max returns in the Halloween episode airing October 25! The crime procedural’s return is another one of this fall’s premieres.

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