Will Chicago P.D.'s Ruzek And Burgess Hook Up Again In Season 7? Here's What The Stars Say

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Chicago P.D. is back in full swing after the reveal of who killed Mayor Kelton, the introduction of a new character who will face 'a hard transition,' and Voight pulling strings to get Ruzek's badge back. A big question now is whether his badge is all that Ruzek will get back this season. The off-and-on romance between Ruzek and Burgess was very much off in Season 6 while Ruzek secretly dated Upton and poor Burgess' new relationship ended when the unlucky guy was murdered; what about Season 7?

Ruzek and Upton seemed to pretty definitively break up in Season 6, and showrunner Rick Eid recently hinted that Upton may be headed for a romance with somebody else in Intelligence. Burgess hasn't jumped back into the dating pool since Blair's death. CinemaBlend was present at the recent One Chicago Day celebrating Chicago Fire, P.D., and Med, and the actors playing Ruzek and Burgess weighed in on whether they could get back together.

Let's start with the hopeful words of Patrick John Flueger, a.k.a. Adam Ruzek, regarding the relationship in Season 7:

You won’t be disappointed. If that’s what you want, you’re not going to be disappointed. I don’t know how else to say it. We explore it again.

Fans of Burzek, rejoice! Patrick John Flueger didn't drop any details about what to expect from the relationship between Ruzek and Burgess in Season 7, but promising that fans of the romance 'won't be disappointed' is certainly encouraging. Could Season 7 pick up where Season 5 left off?

In Season 5, Ruzek certainly still seemed fairly hung up on Burgess, and there was even a hookup at one point. The actor of course wasn't going to confirm any huge plot twists one way or the other, but knowing that Chicago P.D. will explore Ruzek/Burgess again certainly gives viewers rooting for those two crazy kids something to look forward to.

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That said, there are undoubtedly obstacles to a happy romance starting up all over again. A lot may depend on how Burgess feels about Ruzek/Upton from back in Season 6, and Burgess and Ruzek did break up for a reason in the first place. Will love conquer all, or are their lives and past relationships too complicated?

Marina Squerciati, who plays Kim Burgess on Chicago P.D., was a little less encouraging in her comments regarding a potential Ruzek/Burgess romantic reunion:

I don’t know. They may be disappointed. I think that we will have some fun. We explore something. We’re actually not sure what happens. We don’t know where it’s going, but I think there’s something very interesting happening. I think Burzek love each other very much; who knows where it’ll go.

Hey, exploring "something" is better than not exploring at all, right? There are already hints that Atwater will find love with Intelligence newcomer Vanessa Rojas, and Upton/Halstead may become more than just platonic partners. Why not ramp up the romantic tension with Ruzek and Burgess as well?

It could arguably be the least sticky of any of those potential couplings. Upton doesn't seem like she's hung up on Ruzek in the slightest, and anything that may or may not happen with Halstead is bound to be complicated. As for Atwater, he's successfully stayed out of the Intelligence dating game to this point, so he's not as experienced in workplace romances in a very dangerous job as everybody else. Burgess and Ruzek would at least know what they're getting into with each other, right?

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