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Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul And Octavia Spencer Get Intense For Apple TV+'s Truth Be Told Trailer

Truth Be Told Octavia Spencer Poppy Parnell Apple TV Plus

(Image credit: Truth Be Told Screenshot / Apple TV+)

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer get intense in the trailer for Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told. In a departure from living out Jesse Pinkman’s stress-filled existence in El Camino, Paul is playing a new character, although he has his own high pressure to deal with. This new crime drama has an immersive trailer, and in it, fans get a peek at the case Spencer and Paul’s characters will be involved in.

If you were thinking there are too many streaming services, Apple TV+ is giving you another reason to subscribe to theirs. Take a break from re-watching Breaking Bad and check out the thrilling trailer for Truth Be Told, then reconvene for more insight below!

Truth Be Told centers on Octavia Spencer’s Poppy Parnell. She is a true crime podcaster, who decides to reopen the case that helped start her career. That case is Aaron Paul’s Warren Cave. He is a convicted serial killer. Almost twenty years after his conviction, Poppy decides to take another look at it. In the trailer, Cave indicates he was wrongfully convicted as a teenager.

Truth Be Told, the trailer is pretty incredible! Clearly, there is a lot to this case, including Castle Rock’s Lizzy Caplan playing twins! Yes, that is Caplan pulling double duty as Josie and Lanie Burhman. They are the daughters of the man that Aaron Paul’s Warren Cave supposedly murdered. It looks like they are keeping their share of secrets, and they could be murderous ones.

Apple is investing a lot of money in its content. The gripping trailer for Truth Be Told promises a crime drama premise with a very suspenseful edge. Is Warren Cave guilty, innocent, or complicit in a way that makes him far from clean in all of this? Octavia Spencer’s Poppy is going to find out.

Based on Truth Be Told’s trailer, it is a real mystery. It would be neat if there were a companion podcast to hear Poppy’s original take on the case. How did Warren Cave become a suspect to begin with? There is no murder weapon, and what is his motive?

Maybe he was friends or acquaintances with one of the twins? How is his sketchy father involved in all of this? Mekhi Phifer’s Detective Markus Knox may help Poppy learn the answers to all of this. Is Poppy going to learn there were more culprits beyond Warren Cave? There is a reason to think it is possible.

Cue The Blacklist’s Brett Cullen, who is playing another mysterious character for the Apple TV+ series. In Truth Be Told, he is taking on the role of Warren Cave’s father, Owen. This is a guy who does not seem all that interested in helping his son out. He goes so far as to warn Warren about how awful he can make his life behind bars.

Does he think his son is guilty? Or is he trying to cover something else up? Did he have an affair with the twins’ mom and then murder their dad to clear the path for himself? He could have then framed his son. We can't rule anything out at this point. Truth Be Told is going to be must-see TV!

This Is Us fans are also in for a treat! Ron Cephas Jones, who plays William "Shakespeare" Hill on the tear-jerking drama is starring as Poppy’s father. Meanwhile, This Is Us guest star Elizabeth Perkins is also starring in Truth Be Told as Warren Cave’s mother.

As for the question at the core of Truth Be Told, time will tell what the truth holds. You can watch Aaron Paul and Octavia Spencer in Truth Be Told, when it arrives December 6 on Apple TV+ (opens in new tab). The intense new crime drama is one of this fall’s premieres.

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