How Supernatural's Jared Padalecki Thinks Fans Will Feel About The Series Finale

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Supernatural is coming to an end this year after 15 seasons and a very (very, very) long road for Sam and Dean Winchester, their family, friends and assorted allies. Season 15 has just gotten started, so there's a lot of story left to tell, but many fans are already dreading those final minutes and what might happen to the Winchester brothers in the end. While the stars have been teasing what we might see and have also let us in on how they're feeling about wrapping up the series after such a long run, Jared Padalecki has now shared how he thinks fans will react to the finale.

Bringing a mythology as rich, deep and long-running as the one that's been built on Supernatural certainly won't be easy, but at least fans can rest assured in knowing that Jared Padalecki believes that (most) of you will be satisfied with the cap they're preparing for everyone's favorite wayward sons.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way that you can end a show, after 15 years, that’s going to please everybody. But as far as the writers, directors and producers go, and as far as Jensen and I go, we’re happy with everything that’s going on. I think the people who feel about Supernatural, the way I feel about Supernatural, will be pleased with the ending. No one’s going to be happy with an end. I’m not gonna be ‘happy,’ but I’m very pleased, as a part of the show, that it seems to be doing what it’s doing.

Preach, Jared Padalecki! He certainly spoke the truth when he told Collider that there is  no way, realistically, for them to expect all of Supernatural's millions of fans to be pleased with the ending. As I mentioned earlier, 15 seasons worth of a, sometimes pretty complex, mythology need to be wrapped up, and fans will be looking for certain things that might not not make it into the last season. This is not even to mention the writers trying to fulfill fans wishes for how Sam and Dean's stories will end. All in all, it's a major task that is not going to leave everyone with the warm-n-fuzzies.

But, as Padalecki notes, even realizing that they can't please the entirety of Supernatural's long-standing audience, he thinks that if you feel the way he does about the show, you will at least be able to leave Supernatural behind with the sense that the show you dedicated so much time to as a fan was brought to a thoughtful conclusion.

Every season has been rough on Sam and Dean, so, of course, Season 15 will be no different. With God opening all the doors in Hell in the Season 14 finale (which you can catch up on via Blu-ray or DVD) and unleashing everything the brothers have ever vanquished, they're going to be fighting some old foes, along with the new threats. This is going to include them losing people "in a very real way," and having some of their old reliable tricks / talents not work, meaning that getting to the finale is going to be even more difficult than usual. For Supernatural and it's never ending apocalypses, that's really saying something.

Whether or not Sam and Dean will be able to end with some version of peace that can lead them to finally stop hunting (like Jared Padalecki wants) we don't know yet. But, we can hope that the finale won't be filled with doom and gloom, and that there's at least some hope that they'll be able to go on with an easier road in front of them somehow.

We can all see how Supernatural wraps up when Season 15 continues on The CW, Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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