Former Chicago P.D. Actress Sophia Bush Has Finally Landed A New TV Series

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(Image credit: NBC)
(Image credit: NBC)

Sophia Bush shook up Chicago P.D. in a big way when she departed ahead of Season 5, and a faction of P.D. fans have been calling for the return of Erin Lindsay ever since. The odds are pretty good that Lindsay is gone for good, as she didn't even return for Olinsky's funeral and Bush herself is unlikely to reprise the role, but fans can look forward to seeing her back on the small screen with a new show at Disney+.

Yes, Sophia Bush has joined the cast of one of Disney+'s many new series. She'll appear in the Love, Simon TV show that follows up on the 2018 movie of the same name.

The show follows a new student at Creekwood High School as he goes through his own journey of self-discovery. Named Victor (Michael Cimino), this newcomer faces difficulties at home and adjustments to living in a new city, all while he struggles with his own sexual orientation. Victor will reach out to Love, Simon's Simon (Nick Robinson) for help getting through high school, with Victor's intelligent friend Mia (Rachel Naomi Hilson) in the mix as well.

So, who is Sophia Bush playing in Disney+'s Love, Simon? She's on board as Veronica, who connects to the plot as the new girlfriend of Mia's dad. There are no details just yet about how Mia and Veronica get along, but Veronica will run a non-profit organization that works to help women. While she's chic, sophisticated, and likable, Deadline reports she also has a strong will and tendency to be tough when necessary. The role is recurring.

Basically, fans of Sophia Bush from her time on Chicago P.D. shouldn't expect her to be Erin Lindsay 2.0 on Love, Simon. The TV show will be run by This Is Us execs Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, who also penned the Love, Simon movie. If they bring their This Is Us touch to Love, Simon on Disney+, then viewers may want to have some tissues handy for episodes.

The very good news on the Sophia Bush front is that Love, Simon is totally, absolutely, 100% happening, which was not the case for the previous TV project she landed as a major character since leaving Chicago P.D. She had previously been slated to co-lead the drama project Surveillance for CBS, opposite 24 veteran Dennis Haysbert, but it never got past the pilot stage.

She did pop up on Jane the Virgin in its final season, but hardly as a series regular. Love, Simon will debut on Disney+, so Bush will be back on TV on a weekly basis once the show launches.

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Love, Simon hasn't received an official premiere date from Disney+, but it won't be one of the shows like The Mandalorian that goes live with Disney+ on November 12. Given that production began on the show back in August, the odds are that it launches in 2020. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more streaming TV news, and swing by our 2019 fall TV premiere guide for what you can expect on the small screen sooner rather than later.

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