The Voice: Watch Taylor Swift Amaze Blake Shelton With Fifty Nifty States Song

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Voice. Read at your own risk!

Grammy winning artist and iconic millennial Taylor Swift was on The Voice recently, and of course, it was a memorable episode of the show. The world got to see Swift be her hilarious self, and also got to learn a little bit along with Blake Shelton as she recited a song many may have sang themselves in grade school.

It all started when Swift mentioned the "State Song" or as many know it, the "Fifty Nifty United States." Blake Shelton was out of the loop on how that song went, so Swift launched into her own rendition that NBC shared the full version of the performance online.

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Taylor Swift is an award-winning songwriter, a talented singer, and can name all 50 states in the form of a song. Is there any talent she doesn't have? Blake Shelton delivered his usual sass he's known for on The Voice after he heard the performance, but who wouldn't be impressed after hearing someone do that when they're so far removed from grade school?

Taylor Swift's fans loved it, of course, and the memes are already raining in now that The Voice is done. Some are joking that the performance was deserving of a Grammy, while others are dragging their former Geography teachers for not making the subject as fun as Swift managed to in a minute's time.

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Hey, put some respect on your former Geography teacher's name! First off, I'd wager most Geography teachers were only History teachers with the responsibility bestowed upon them, and were doing what they could to get through the lesson. Second, while Taylor Swift certainly has the talent to write the "Fifty Nifty United States" song, its origin dates as far back at the 1960's. The song was written by Ray Charles, but not the Ray Charles everyone is surely thinking of. This Charles sang the theme for Three's Company, and also wrote music for The Muppet Show.

Had Ray Charles never written that song, we may not have this great clip from The Voice to look at today. Then what would Taylor Swift's fans react to? That poor attempt at beat boxing? Well, they actually reacted to that as well, and rightfully so because it was a kind of goofy moment deserving of meme status.

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If this isn't evidence that The Voice needs more mega stars to appear in seasons, I'm not sure what is. Taylor Swift's presence really made the Battle Rounds feel bigger than they usually are, and made the NBC singing competition feel more like must-watch TV as opposed to fluff. Basically, let's just get Swift on as a judge after Nick Jonas please.

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