Watch Taylor Swift Surprise Super-Fans With A Song For Engagement

Imagine this: it's your engagement party. It's fun! It's already a hit. You're having some laughs. Maybe you're throwing back a couple drinks too. Everything is going along splendidly. Nobody can complain. But wait, hold on! Something's in store. A special guest appearance is set to come. You didn't even know about it. Yet, walking in through the door is none other than Taylor Swift. Wait, what? Are your eyes deceiving you? There's no way that can be Taylor Swift, right? And yet, it is. Here's the kicker: she's not only here to wish you well. She's also here to give you and your partner a once-in-a-lifetime performance, in person. Right in front of you. This is not a fan's fantasy. This is something that actually happened for two super-lucky super-fans during their engagement party. And obviously, they recorded the surprise celebrity encounter and shared it with the world. Check out the footage.

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As seen in the Instagram video by Alex Goldschmidt, Taylor Swift's single "King Of My Heart" from her latest album, Reputation, has played a pivotal role in the relationship he shares with his partner, Ross Girard. It is the song they listened to during their proposal, and it has served -- in many ways -- as the theme song to their relationship. So while they are celebrating their love, what better way to make this day one of the most memorable moments of their lives than to get a personalized performance by Taylor Swift of this song? It cleared went over well with the group, and it will serve as a lasting little memory for this loving couple and everyone else who came to celebrate this special day with Ross Girard and Alex Goldschmidt.

Taylor Swift's hit songs are no strangers to weddings and engagement parties. There's a good chance that if you have gone to an engagement party or nuptials in recent years, you've heard "You Belong With Me" or "Love Story" -- to name a couple -- played at one of these ceremonies dedicated to love. Yet, it is safe to say that one doesn't usually get to see Taylor Swift in the flesh at these events. Let alone performing one of your favorite songs, right in front of your face. Yet, that's the extremely fortune gift Ms. Swift gave these two fans, and there's a good chance these two lovers are never going to forget it. Not anytime soon, at least.

As one can guess from listening to her tunes, Taylor Swift is a romantic at heart. So, while it's unclear how exactly the couple pulled off the incredible feat of getting Swift on-hand to sing this song in person, it's understandable that Swift would be moved by their love story and want to give them a moving rendition. It is clear from the video that she put her heart in this performance, making sure that it counts.

And it certainly made an impact for these two lovers. They'll have a story to tell for the rest of their lives together and a song to celebrate their sweet romance too.

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