Watch John Travolta Try To Give Taylor Swift's VMA To The Wrong Person

Taylor Swift MTV VMA's

The 2019 MTV VMAs were quite a ride from start to finish complete with standout performances, a bit of controversy, and some funny moments. One of the more humorous moments came from actor John Travolta, who took the stage with Queen Latifah to give the award for Video of the Year. Things were going relatively well for the iconic actor, right up until he tried to give the award to someone who wasn't the winner.

Once Taylor Swift's name was announced as the big winner, the pop singer and her crew all made their way to the stage. John Travolta was eager to hand off the Moon Man and get off the stage, and in the confusion tried to hand off the award to Jade Jolie as opposed to the pop singer. The moment is subtle, but once it's seen, it can't exactly be unseen.

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John Travolta is out here proving that someone can be so famous they don't know who Taylor Swift is. He may have just been confused too, as it's worth noting that Jade Jolie is a professional drag queen that is explicitly known for impersonating Taylor Swift. As seen above, Jolie saw Travolta offer up the award, and seemed to instantly realize what was happening before Travolta did. Jolie took it in stride, but then again who wouldn't be thrilled to be mistaken for Taylor Swift?

The question is, though: did John Travolta truly get confused or did he just want to get off stage and was dumping off the Moon Man to do so? Given his comments before the winner was announced that's a possibility, although his statement to Queen Latifah ahead of the winner's announcement may also show that he may only be vaguely familiar with any of the artists who were mentioned during the MTV award show.

I shouldn't do this because I'll just mispronounce shit and fuck it up! You do it.

John Travolta then passed off the card to Queen Latifah, and the rest is history. Travolta may have a bit of egg on his face, but when you're an icon that's achieved the number of things he has in life, chances are he's going to recover from it. He is John Travolta after all, and there's a good chance there was at least a handful of young performers and audience members in the room who didn't necessarily know what he was famous for or from either!

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