Nathan Fillion's The Rookie Is Bringing In A Former Castle Villain

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In a Nathan Fillion-filled casting move, The Rookie is bringing on a former Castle villain! Fans recently got the treat of having two of Fillion’s Castle co-stars put in an appearance on the police drama. Following in the footsteps of Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever will be a former co-star who played their antagonist.

Annie Wersching will guest star on The Rookie in a role equally as ominous role as her one on Castle when she makes her debut. There is nothing funny about her Rookie character. The former Castle star will take on the role of Rosalind Dyer, per TVLine. That does not sound so sinister, but this part does. Rosalind is a convicted serial killer sitting on death row!

The foreboding vibes do not end there. Annie Wersching’s Rosalind will reportedly take a “special interest” in Nathan Fillion’s Officer John Nolan! No! Yes, “the rookie” himself!

If you just felt a shiver travel down your spine, you are not alone. As you likely surmised, catching the attention of a serial killer is not the best news. Nolan is going to have to watch his back as The Rookie Season 2 continues.

Just speculating here, but this sounds like the type of character that could pop up again. That is, unless Annie Wersching’s Rosalind gets executed before the end of The Rookie episode she guest stars on. For Castle fans, it is another chance to enjoy a bit of the past with the present. Viewers will recall the way the show ended.

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Annie Wersching is no stranger to playing diabolical characters. If you need a refresher on her Castle stint, Wersching played plastic surgeon Kelly Nieman. As a prison doctor, she became romantically involved with a serial killer, later becoming his cohort in crime. As an aside, Vampire Diaries fans will likely recall Wersching starring as Damon and Stefan’s evil (in my opinion) long-lost mother.

Fans of The Rookie will have to tune in and see how far Annie Wersching’s villainous character goes and what she gets up to. Wersching’s guest role is yet another casting that yields a connection to Nathan Fillion’s past television works. The Rookie star recently revealed that another Firefly reunion is coming to the show.

Firefly is the cult-favorite that ran for a single season and keeps capturing an audience via streaming. Season 2 has seen some changes, with The Rookie writing off Afton Williamson’s Talia Bishop in the premiere. After startling the audience with a heartbreaking plot twist last season, it seems anything can happen on the drama.

Time will tell what will take place between Nolan and Annie Wersching’s serial killer character. It will be interesting to learn what draws her to Nolan in particular. He is still a rookie, so he should not have been involved with her original arrest. On that note, will what happens between them turn deadly? Stay tuned!

New episodes of The Rookie air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. The series' sophomore season is part of this fall’s premieres.

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