Chicago Med’s Natalie Made A Big Decision About Philip, But Is The Story Over?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Chicago Med Season 5, called "It's All In The Family."

Chicago Med kicked off a seriously creepy plot in the beginning of Season 5 with the reveal that Philip took advantage of Natalie's traumatic brain injury-induced amnesia to claim that they were engaged. Although Will obviously thought something was weird and Dr. Marcel called Philip out on slipping the ring on Natalie's finger while she was unconscious, Philip's ruse was working, and Natalie clearly believed that she'd agreed to marry Philip.

Considering the trouble she was in at the end of the previous episode, it seemed unlikely that there would be time for any twists in the crazy love triangle in "It's All In The Family," but Natalie made a big decision. Is the story over?

Natalie was dealing with the mess from last week for most of the episode, as she was in big trouble after locking a pair of parents out of their child's hospital room so she could continue treating him against their wishes. Luckily for her, her suspicions that the boy had more going on than a sinus infection proved correct, so she wasn't charged with a crime, and she began to feel more comfortable at work thanks to some advice from Maggie, who told Natalie that she needed to trust her instincts.

Fortunately, Natalie decided the time had come to trust her instincts about Philip. Apparently, even she had realized that there was something off about celebrating a six-month anniversary with a man she had supposedly agreed to marry! She broke it off with him, which almost exactly coincided with Will storming out of the hospital to confront Philip and try to separate him from Natalie.

Yes, Dr. Marcel had finally spilled the beans that Philip slipped the ring on Natalie's finger while she was out cold with her TBI, and Will connected the dots. Instead of riding in like a hero to try and be there for Natalie after she made her huge decision, though, he basically dropped an "I told you so!" on her as soon as he realized that she'd dumped Philip. Will shot himself in the foot when he had the chance to emotionally help Natalie, and she told him to leave her alone too.

Oh, Will. All you had to do was be there for her as a friend, or even a sympathetic coworker!

Philip didn't make a scene after Natalie and Will told him to get lost, and it's possible that Chicago Med decided to wrap up the Philip/Natalie/Will drama in "It's All In The Family." A lot did happen in quick succession, after all, and it almost felt like Med was packing it all in as quickly as possible to move past it.

That said, Chicago Med spent six episodes building to a confrontation with Philip that had seemed likely to be a lot more dramatic than a tense encounter outside of the hospital. Could Philip come back with a bone to pick with Will and/or Natalie? He already proved that he's more or less unhinged; what will he do when he doesn't have Natalie wearing his ring anymore?

Chicago Med has already proved more than willing to give Natalie a rough ride in midseason finales, so I for one wouldn't be shocked if Philip returned in the final episode before the winter hiatus to make some trouble. As frustrating as the plot has been while Natalie seemingly believed everything Philip was feeding her, I'd feel let down if the whole creepy arc wrapped up in the span of the last couple minutes of this episode.

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