What Chicago Med's Heartbreaking Midseason Finale Cliffhanger Means For Will And Natalie

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Chicago Med midseason finale, "Death Do Us Part." Read at your own risk!

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion was turned upside down in the midseason finale, as Will and Natalie's wedding day did not go as planned. By the end of the episode, the two didn't tie the knot, and audiences were left wondering what's going to happen next as Will was rushed off by the F.B.I. while Natalie stood there stunned. Here's a brief recap of what happened, and what's going on with the couple when Chicago Med returns.

Will's troubles first started when he walked in on Natalie and saw her before the wedding, which is commonly believed to be bad luck. Chicago Med fans may be inclined to agree when Will's tux fitting was interrupted by his mafioso "friends" who needed him to come along and help Ray. The mobster refused to go to the hospital so Will went with the crew to treat him at their site, where he found Ray in rough condition.

After a long medical treatment/hostage situation when the mob blamed Will for planting a bug they discovered, the F.B.I. and his brother Jay successfully retrieved Will just before he was about to get pumped full of led. Will was rattled, but aware that there was still a chance for him to make the wedding. Unfortunately, the F.B.I. only delivered Will to the worried Natalie to inform her he was going into witness protection, and he couldn't explain why.

Natalie was left devastated, and with a healthy amount of mobster blood on her dress. Unfortunately, things won't be much better for her a couple months later, as executive producer Diane Frolov told TVLine Natalie won't have many answers about what happened with Will, or what he's been up to on Chicago Med prior to that:

The trust issues are still there because she didn't know anything about any of this. And they haven't had any time to work anything out because they haven't been talking.

As for how long Natalie and Will haven't had contact, Andrew Schneider revealed there will have been two months passed when the show picks up. Will is hanging out in another state in the meantime, as the F.B.I. works out whether or not it's safe for him to return. This will be hard for Will, as he's wanted to let Natalie in on this secret for so long.

Having said that, things were probably worse for Natalie, who had to go and tell her wedding attendees she wasn't getting married and she didn't know why. She's had time to stew on that potentially humiliating experience for two months now, so I'm guessing Will's gonna be in the doghouse for a long time, if not indefinitely. Provided there's a dog house for him to come home to, that is.

Chicago Med returns to NBC on Wednesday, January 9. For more on upcoming television to enjoy in the meantime, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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