A West Wing Reunion Is Coming To Perfect Harmony On NBC

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Perfect Harmony is going to be home to a major West Wing reunion on NBC! Feel free to let your squeals of delight take flight in beautiful harmony. Who is going to be reuniting? For a refresher, Bradley Whitford already stars in the musical comedy in the central role of Dr. Arthur Cochran. Whitford played Josh Lyman on The West Wing.

So, which of Bradley Whitford's former co-stars will be joining him on Perfect Harmony? Brace yourself, West Wing fans, because Joshua Malina is coming for the harmonious reunion you have been waiting for, per Deadline! As fans will readily recall, Malina played Will Bailey on the political drama.

Joshua Malina will be trading politics for pageants when he joins his former West Wing co-star on Perfect Harmony. Malina will take on the role of Torsten VanBlaricum in an upcoming episode of the freshman comedy. Who is Torsten? He is a judge for the “Conley Fork’s Finest” pageant, and there is more!

Torsten ends up sitting next to Bradley Whitford’s Arthur, who learns his seat-mate is very serious about the pageant. Joshua Malina’s character previously won it and subsequently approaches his role as a judge quite seriously. Torsten longs to compete again and also hosts a podcast wherein he interviews the pageant’s formerly crowned “finest boys.”

It sounds like fans can expect to see Joshua Malina and Bradley Whitford play some high-energy scenes together. Whitford’s Perfect Harmony character is known for his rough and to-the-point personality. So, you would think there could be some fireworks between his and Malina’s characters' dueling personas.

While it is not The West Wing revival that Richard Schiff recently pitched to series creator Aaron Sorkin, it is huge for fans! Sorkin had previously revealed having a revival idea of his own, so stay tuned. So far, nothing has materialized on-screen. If there is anything recent television events have taught us, it is that revivals are still all of the rage.

Lizzie McGuire is on its way back, and Will Smith is working on a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spinoff! Could the political drama be the next blast from the past series to get revived? Will & Grace is wrapping up its revival run, so NBC arguably has room for another one on its slate. Of course, Bradley Whitford starring in Perfect Harmony would theoretically impact his ability to return as Josh Lyman.

For now, this awesome reunion between The West Wing co-stars will have to suffice. Former fellow cast members reuniting is always fun for fans, especially when they are sharing the screen. Bradley Whitford and Joshua Malina’s team-up should hit a sweet spot for wistful West Wing viewers. Prepare for a little extra harmony when The West Wing co-stars reunite on Perfect Harmony!

New episodes of Perfect Harmony air Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC. The musical comedy is among this fall’s premieres.

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