Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Was Batman For Halloween And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Had The Best Response

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Jensen Ackles has spent well over a decade pretending to be a monster-hunter on The CW's Supernatural, but that doesn't mean he's not down to dress up as a whole other hero when given the opportunity. Ackles went full Dark Knight for Halloween 2019, wearing an elaborate Batman costume that he showed off on social media. As it turns out, his Supernatural dad and real-life pal Jeffrey Dean Morgan had a reaction to the Batman look, and it was pretty much the best.

First, take a look at Jensen Ackles' costume for Halloween 2019, and be sure to click the arrow to check out all of the pics he chose to share!

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If the Arrow-verse ends up needing a Batman, I have a Supernatural suggestion! As it turns out, the roof background in these pics wasn't a green screen of any kind, but rather Jensen Ackles and his photographer up on the roof of a hotel! The photos don't seem to be tied into any project, which honestly makes them all the more fun in my book. If you're a TV star and you want to dress up as Batman to pose for some pictures, you do you!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was enthusiastic as well, leading him to share this comment on Jensen Ackles' Instagram post:

AWESOME. And? I’m Batman’s dad. So this whole thing works for me! Happy Halloween brother!! Xo

Jeffrey Dean Morgan of course has been part of the Supernatural family from very early on, playing John Winchester long before he landed the high-profile role of Negan on The Walking Dead... or the Batman-related role of his own. Batman v Superman fans will undoubtedly remember that Morgan played the doomed Thomas Wayne (with Walking Dead and Supernatural alum Lauren Cohan playing the equally ill-fated Martha Wayne). Morgan has expressed interest in returning to Supernatural before the final credits roll, as well as in playing a Thomas Wayne version of Batman. Can we add him to the Arrow-verse too?

Jensen Ackles recently joined Jeffrey Dean Morgan at his wedding, and the Supernatural actors (along with Jared Padalecki, who recently wound up in trouble with the law) all got tattoos together. Fictional family is forever, I guess! This Halloween also wasn't the first time that Ackles went for an elaborate costume to dress up as a member of the Bat-family. For Halloween 2018, Ackles went full Red Hood. Check him out!

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Jensen Ackles voiced the Red Hood -- a.k.a., Jason Todd, Batman's murdered second Robin --for the 2010 animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, and he weighed in to CinemaBlend's Nick Venable about whether he would play Red Hood again for the Arrow-verse, but in live-action this time around.

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" seems like the perfect opportunity, and Batwoman did recently hint at the existence of Robin in the Arrow-verse, but Jensen Ackles is likely too busy with Supernatural to consider hopping over to the massive crossover. The Arrow-verse isn't going anywhere, though, even if Arrow is ending this season as well as Supernatural!

For now, you can catch Jensen Ackles in new episodes of Supernatural's final season, airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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