Jared Padalecki And Other Supernatural Cast Members Got Tattoos For Final Season

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Supernatural is kicking off its fifteenth and final season on October 10, and the end of the Winchester brothers' adventures on The CW will mark the end of an era. It's the end of an era for the stars of Supernatural as well, and while they'll have to hang up their angel blades, demon knives, and rock salt shotguns once the show ends, Jared Padalecki and a couple more have gotten tattoos to guarantee that Supernatural quite literally stays with them forever.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has played John Winchester off and on throughout the run of Supernatural, shared of a photo of him getting a tattoo along with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Yes, all three of the actors playing the Winchester men are inked up, seemingly with something Supernatural! Take a look at the reveal courtesy of Morgan on Instagram:

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also known for Grey's Anatomy and The Walking Dead, married One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton recently, and the reception for the nuptials involved a tattoo artist. Morgan, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles are all wearing formal clothes that are somewhat rumpled in the photo, and Padalecki is holding a glass, so it's probably safe to say that they were already having a good time before sitting down to get their tattoos.

The groom didn't reveal what tattoo they were getting or even if they all matched, but the #spnfamily tag certainly suggests that the ink has to do with their shared past of saving people and hunting things on Supernatural. It's worth noting that they all did get the tattoo in the same place: underside of their right forearm. The caption is very sweet, and certainly indicates that Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't regret the decision to get the tattoo the morning after.

So, what tattoo could they have gotten to honor Supernatural and perhaps even match? The sentimental part of me likes to think that they all got a real-life version of the Supernatural anti-possession tattoo that Sam and Dean got several seasons ago to keep demons from jumping into their bodies. The tattoos weren't always foolproof, but they certainly made for fun scenes of the boys showing off their ink.

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Sam and Dean got their anti-possession tattoos on their chests, so even a match of the mark wouldn't be identical to the show since the actors got the tattoos on their arms. Still, wouldn't it be fun if episodes of Supernatural's final season that haven't filmed yet could incorporate the real-life tattoos? Supernatural fans have had to suspend our disbelief for wilder things in the past than Sam and Dena getting secondary anti-possession tattoos on their forearms.

Whatever the actors chose for their new tattoos, the photo array and caption from Jeffrey Dean Morgan has me hoping more than ever that Morgan returns to Supernatural at least one more time before the end. Wouldn't seeing their dad again help lead them to 'the version of peace' that Jared Padalecki promised out of the series finale? And could that have helped Jensen Ackles come to terms with the ending when he originally 'had so much trouble' with it?

While Sam and Dean did get some closure on their relationship with their dad when he returned in the 300th episode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan did express an interest in returning in Supernatural's final season. Only time will tell if it actually happens, or if this photo courtesy of Morgan is the closest we'll get to an on-screen Winchester reunion.

Fortunately, Supernatural is finally back. New episodes of Season 15 air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW in the fall TV lineup.

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