A Fight On CBS' Madam Secretary Set Just Sent An Actor To The Hospital

madam secretary fight actor hospital

Madam Secretary is known for a lot of things, but a fight between the series’ employees is not one of them. But, that’s exactly what happened Friday, November 1. New Jersey police were called to the CBS show’s set on Friday after a huge fight broke out between a background actor and a craft services employee that resulted in the actor being sent to the hospital.

Things got really heated on the set of Madam Secretary, which shoots in Whippany, NJ. A brawl occurred immediately following the filming of a major moment in the episode. Hundreds of extras were required in a scene where Téa Leoni’s Elizabeth McCord is giving a speech to a large crowd. After the director called cut, all of the background actors headed over to the table for some snacks, but one of the background actors cut into the craft services line.

Per TMZ, the background actor was then told to return to the end of the line by the craft services employee. However, instead of doing just that, sources say the actor pushed the female employee. This action resulted in the employee’s husband, also a craft services worker, to swoop in and punch the actor in the face over and over again until police arrived on set to break up the fight.

The background actor was sent to the hospital and treated for all injuries, including a bloodied face. Although the police took statements from all involved in the incident, they have made no formal arrests. Madam Secretary’s production is said to continue uninterrupted. Neither the show’s representatives or CBS have released official statements regarding the incident.

Madam Secretary follows Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst who was appointed to the position of Secretary of State. Currently in its sixth and final season, Elizabeth left her previous position and announced in Season 5 that she would be running for president. At the beginning of Season 6, viewers found out she had won and was now serving the country as President of the United States.

Back in Season 5, the CBS show was able to bring on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a cameo role. Clinton appeared alongside colleagues Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright, both of whom had occupied the powerful position.

CBS, which boasts some of the highest paid actors, announced back in May that Madam Secretary had been renewed for a sixth and final season. The series would be getting a ten-episode order to wrap up all remaining storylines. This was a huge change for the show because the previous five seasons had consisted of at least 22 episodes.

Madam Secretary Season 6 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. For more information on all your favorite fall shows, be sure to check out our complete guide to every new and returning show premiering through the end of November.

Mae Abdulbaki