How Cute! John Stamos' 1-Year-Old Son Interrupted First Little Mermaid TV Rehearsals

John Stamos The Little Mermaid: Live

The life of an actor can be stressful, especially when taking on a role in a project like The Little Mermaid Live! Anything can happen live, and apparently that flies for rehearsals as well. John Stamos recently recalled a moment when his one-year-old son interrupted his first rehearsal for the show.

The 56-year-old actor, who will portray the kooky Chef Louis in the live performance, recalled that one of his first performances as the character was interrupted by his young son Billy, who decided to give his old man a shout out in the midst of his rehearsal.

I'm rehearsing my number, kinda for the first time on stage -- jumping on tables with knives and things -- and all I could hear was 'Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada!'

Kids interrupting in the middle of potentially risky situations? Yep, that sounds like dad life. Obviously John Stamos managed to escape the event without any notable injuries despite young Billy's distraction, and presumably was able to master his performance in order to be ready in time for The Little Mermaid Live!

Billy talking may have been more a distraction if it had been his first words, but John Stamos said his one-year-old already has a few words under his belt. His dear old dad isn't the only family member he's familiar with! Stamos kicked off the list of what Billy can say to Entertainment Tonight with a joke.

Trust fund were his first two words… He does talk. He says, 'coco.' He wakes up in the morning saying 'coco' and then he says… Lilo is his dog. Lilo, Lilo! Coco, coco! Mama, mama!

If Billy keeps learning words at this rate, he may be ready to be cast in some other television roles before too long. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there was room for him in The Little Mermaid Live!, so he'll just have to chill on the sidelines and wait for the next opportunity to co-star alongside his dad.

As for how John Stamos has enjoyed his time on The Little Mermaid Live!, the actor stated he's a fan of the experience. Stamos admitted he doesn't have all the attributes an actor may want before committing with a musical, but that's okay in the case of playing Chef Louis.

I love it. I'm not a great singer, so to play a character… I feel sorta protected in this part 'cause, like I said, it's a big character and there's a lot of dancers and you have the Disney magic behind it all so.. I just hope I don't fall.

Audiences will see how protected John Stamos is during The Little Mermaid Live!, where anything can happen. That being said, this is a really talented cast, so one wouldn't expect too many slip ups in what should be a fun performance for Disney viewers young and old.

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