Kevin Costner Reveals Why He Thinks Yellowstone Has Resonated So Deeply With The Fans

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Yellowstone Season 2 is now out on DVD/Blu-ray, and among the great bonus features you will find on the three-disc set is Kevin Costner discussing the drama. The Oscar-winner reveals why he thinks the series has resonated so deeply with the fans. In fact, it has caught on so much that Yellowstone has been a runaway hit in the ratings.

In the special features of the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray set, you will find an array of content, including deleted scenes. There is also a feature called “Costner on Yellowstone Season 2.” That is where the actor goes in-depth, discussing why the modern-set Western has captivated people. In the feature, Kevin Costner says:

When you combine story and drama - in this sense, hyper drama - set against the image of the American West, set against a lifestyle that’s still going on to this day, which is the harvesting of cattle, in places that are still pristine, still beautiful, and actually sit right on top of a great American tragedy in terms of history, the image of somebody making a living on a horse with the idea that almost everything he owns is on that horse, there’s something kind of free about it. People are drawn to that. And if you put a story inside that, you hear the heartbeat of a show that is catching the imagination of the people.

How eloquently stated (in my opinion). And, you can hear more from him in the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray feature. The actor could be on any show he wanted, so, it goes without saying that Yellowstone had to be something special for him to sign up. In sharing his insight about the drama’s appeal, he mentions the harvesting of cattle and the beautiful landscapes. These are both aspects that Kevin Costner touched on when sharing why he said “yes” to starring on Yellowstone.

He similarly discussed the scenic vistas and the impact of putting drama against that backdrop. Costner also mentioned the way of life that is dramatized on the series, which he calls back to in the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray feature.

In the same feature, Kevin Costner goes on to discuss John Dutton’s mindset and what he really wants out of life. What he got out of it last season included a near-death experience and some tough decisions. That was just the beginning. As fans who get the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray set can attest, things got even more dire for the Duttons before the finale.

Fans have clearly become enraptured by what John Dutton and his family have gotten up to, as Season 2 saw the ratings only continue to climb. Between the landscapes that Kevin Costner mentions in his Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray feature and all of the drama, the show has fans covered.

Kevin Costner had previously opened up about adjusting to television. All of his efforts have paid off for the series. Yellowstone fans have a lot more of the story to look forward too! Will the Duttons be able to keep the ranch and maintain their part in the beautiful vistas of Montana? Or will they lose it? Another season will tell the tale.

The Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray three-disc is now available! A premiere date for Yellowstone Season 3 has not been set yet on the Paramount Network. While waiting for Kevin Costner to return to TV as John Dutton, you can check out this fall’s premieres

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