Revenge Is Getting An ABC Reboot With A Big Connection To The Original

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ABC had one of the soapiest series in primetime going from 2011-2015 thanks to Revenge, which starred Emily VanCamp and ran for four wild seasons. Although the show arguably went off the rails somewhere between the beginning and the faked (and re-faked) deaths, the Revenge universe could make a comeback in the form of a reboot, but not the kind of reboot that stands almost entirely independent of the original. If the Revenge reboot happens, there will be a major connection to the parent series.

Here's what we know. The Revenge reboot -- which at this point is just called Revenge, which could get confusing if it's ordered to series at ABC -- would be set in the same universe as the original Revenge, and feature original series creator/executive producer Mike Kelley and writer/producer Joe Fazzio, with Kelley and Fazzio co-writing. The stage is set for easy connections between the parent show and the reboot; what will the project be about?

The new Revenge would tell the story of a young Latinx immigrant, according to Deadline, who is guided by one of the original Revenge characters to seek vengeance on a pharmaceutical giant. There are no details available about about which of the original series characters would be pointing the new lead character in a vengeful direction, but at least we can probably rule out Victoria! Even Revenge couldn't bring her back again, could it?

Why will this Latinx immigrant be guided toward revenge? Well, the greed of the pharmaceutical company apparently led to the murder of her mom, who was a biochemist, her family's destruction, and an epidemic on a global scale. Honestly, the pharmaceutical company starting an epidemic leads me to wonder if the new lead character won't be able to find plenty of people to help! Maybe not a mob with torches and pitchforks, but surely more than just one person would have a bone to pick, right?

At this point, I'm inclined to suspect that nobody except for the Latinx lead and probably the Revenge original character will know about what this pharmaceutical giant did. It may be a while before any details about the project emerge, if indeed they ever do. The first shot at a Revenge spinoff did not result in a series, after all, and this new Revenge is apparently still in early development, with no actors officially attached.

Basically, Revenge fans shouldn't start counting on a new Revenge hitting the airwaves, but it's worth noting that ABC is losing two long-running dramas in the 2019-2020 TV season: How to Get Away with Murder and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While the premise for Revenge may not have a whole lot in common with a series set in the MCU, the reboot could be a solid replacement for How to Get Away with Murder if it comes together.

Only time will tell if Revenge is a dish best serve rebooted. For now, you can always relive the wild ride that was the original Revenge with the full series streaming on Hulu now.

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