Why The Disney+ Series Marvel's Hero Project Is 'Really Special' For The Marvel Team

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Disney+ is officially live, and while there are plenty of folks hopping on for The Mandalorian and all their favorite classic Disney movies, it's not the only thing of value the platform has to offer. Those willing to take a chance will find a number of quality originals worth streaming, with Marvel's Hero Project among them as a strong option for families.

The series, which highlights kids doing big things in their communities, is a project that's "very special" to the folks at Marvel. I spoke to Executive Producer Sana Amanat about the new original and she explained what makes the series so important for the folks at Marvel and why the Disney+ original is a must-watch for new Disney+ subscribers.

It's one that's really special to us because I think that aside from the fact that it encompasses all of the values and ideals of what Marvel's all about, it's also really a sweet story of these incredible kids who are doing such important work across the country. And they're also different and have such interesting mission statements and unique points of view. It's just so heartwarming and it's the type of show that you can watch with like every single family member of yours. I think everyone will walk away with something different.

Much like the heroes its staff draws in comics, Marvel wanted to highlight the children in Marvel’s Hero Project and showcase them as the inspirational heroes they are to many. The episodes (which non-subscribers can check out with a free 7-day trial of Disney+) highlight kids from all different walks of life doing different things to impact their communities. At the end of an episode, each child is awarded with a signature jacket and their very own comic book that will be available for viewers to read for free on Marvel Unlimited and the Marvel Digital Comic Store.

Marvel's Hero Project is a show that Sana Amanat thinks Disney+ subscribers will appreciate because it’s so positive. Amanat explained that Marvel’s Hero Project embodies the essence of what makes Marvel and Disney storytelling so important.

I think this kind of shows the type of show that we need that right now because it's so uplifting and looking upwards. I think that those are the elements of storytelling that we really love and uphold at Marvel in it and at Disney.

Marvel’s Hero Project is, at its core, a lesson for children that they don’t need to have superpowers or a grandiose origin story to be heroes. The kids highlighted in this series all found a need or problem facing them or those around them, and went about solving it as best they could. It’s heartwarming to watch, and may even inspire a few kids to set off on their own and one day be featured on the series.

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Marvel’s Hero Project is now available on Disney+ along with a healthy serving of other movies and shows under the Disney umbrella. Stick with CinemaBlend for more news on these shows, and for the latest on what’s happening in the world of movies, television, and streaming.

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