Disney+ Will Have A Unique Feature For Movies That Go Back In The Vault

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(Image credit: (Disney Animation))
(Image credit: (Disney Animation))

Following the continually-increasing prominence of platforms like Netflix and Hulu, leviathan movie studio Disney is launching a streaming service of its own next month. Disney+ will allow subscribers access to tons of movies, including animated classics and Star Wars and Marvel movies, along with original programming made specifically for the service, such as a live-action Lady and the Tramp and the holiday comedy Noel, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. Also, get ready for a unique feature for this type of platform to make a debut.

Disney+ is breaking new ground by allowing subscribers to download content and continue to access it on their device even if the title itself leaves the service. So as long as you remain a subscriber, you’ll be able to continue to view what you have downloaded onto the Disney+ app amidst select titles disappearing from it for periods of time due to licensing agreements. Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit (via CNET) on Tuesday.

While Iger said ”almost all of it is there” when discussing the amount of Disney movies and television shows coming on the upcoming streaming service, not all titles will be available on the day of launch. Some popular movies, particularly those released between 2016 and 2018, will arrive and then leave Disney+ and return to Netflix in six years due to gaps in licensing deals made while the studio was aligning its streaming plan.

It’s a cool feature that one might not expect to be possible, but it will only be beneficial to those with lots of hard drive space to devote to Disney movie and television content. Oftentimes these changes in available streaming content sneak up on subscribers too quickly for them to plan for. But for the organized Disney fan, they’ll be able to cheat the system in a sense and keep titles leaving Disney+ with a personal download.

That being said, there seems to be loads of Disney titles that will be on the streaming platform and likely remain its home for sometime. Check out what’s coming to Disney+ on day one with the below Twitter thread:

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Along with the archived Disney flicks to be avaliable on Disney+, fans can look forward to the streaming site releasing original content made particularly for the service. The most anticipated original title coming to Disney+ is arguably The Mandalorian, the newest live-action Star Wars television series. The show from Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni cost about $15 million per episode, and new episodes will come weekly as opposed to the binge model.

First reactions to The Mandalorian have been incredible so far and the streaming service looks like it is set to make big waves come November 12.

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