How The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal Feels About Being 'Ruthlessly Outshined' By Baby Yoda

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It didn't take long for audiences to fall in love with Star Wars' first live-action series The Mandalorian, but it's not the lone gunslinger that audiences are raving about. Instead, the world has gone gaga over the little green child that appears to be key to the central plot, "Baby Yoda." So, while fans are making memes and scouring stores for potential merch of the world's cutest force-user, how does star Pedro Pascal feel about this?

He is, after all, playing the show's title character. Pedro Pascal may have expected more people talking about his performance, but it turns out he's fine with being "ruthlessly outshined" by his little co-star, as a fan of The Mandalorian put it on Twitter.

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No hard feelings from Pedro Pascal, who is likely just happy folks are talking about the show. After all, there had to be some internal speculation prior to release on how the world would react to "baby Yoda," so one wouldn't think this mass hysteria was a complete surprise. Did Happy Days complain when the Fonz was more popular than Richie? What about Family Matters when Urkel proved more popular than a bulk of the Winslows? Everyone should be happy when a show succeeds.

To be fair, it's not like Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian is chopped liver. Plenty of folks are still curious about his character's story and if he really does never remove his mask. Interest in the gunslinger will surely escalate as the series continues to unfold, and more about his mysterious people and what became of them under the Empire is revealed.

It's really unfair to even compare the two Mandalorian characters, as there's just so much baby Yoda had going for it. Beyond the fact that it's unbelievably cute, Yoda is about the most recognizable yet mysterious character in the Star Wars lore. Mainstream fans are excited by the sight of something they remember from the past movies, while more hardcore fans are psyched about the prospect of finally learning more on the origin of the Yoda species.

George Lucas had been very protective of the Yoda lore during his time in the franchise, but it appears Disney is going to pull back the curtain and possibly give fans answers they've been wanting for some time. Lucas spent some time on The Mandalorian set, and word from Disney's Bob Iger was that he was fine with what he saw. Hopefully that means that whatever story Jon Favreau crafted for this character, the Star Wars creator was a fan of it.

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