God Friended Me Just Had A Major Heartbreak Ahead Of Brief Hiatus

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the God Friended Me episode "Prophet & Loss." Read at your own risk!

Fall television is hitting the midseason mark, and each passing week brings more and more surprising reveals from all the winter finales. God Friended Me is no exception, and the CBS series just went into a two-week hiatus with an episode that already felt like a big midseason finale. Specifically, the show showcased a major heartbreak between Miles and Cara, and it looks like Miles' recent actions may have convinced Cara to rethink their relationship. Are they done for good, or at least through December?

To recap what happened, "Prophet & Loss" took an unexpected turn when the God account sent Miles a name Cara knew quite well. It was her stepfather who was found to have ties to a man Cara was covering for a story about insider trading. The situation put Cara in a pickle, as she was faced with either killing her story and letting a criminal walk, or running it and getting her stepfather in major trouble.

Cara eventually ran the story, but it took a fair bit of pushing from Miles to ensure that happened. If Cara had her say, the investigation on her stepfather would've ended shortly after an initial discussion, but Miles kept on pressing the issue. After all, the God account hadn't been wrong yet, so he had no reason to doubt it now.

After the dust settled Miles explained to Cara the reason he was so adamant to push the situation was because he thought he was putting her before the God account. Cara corrected him, stating that he blindly followed the God account to "fix" her problem, rather than being there for her and letting her figure out the situation to handle it her own way. She left Miles on the front porch and shut the door, indicating that their relationship was kaput.

Thankfully, star and former Flash actress Violett Beane spoke to TVInsider about the emotional shocker, and confirmed what's coming for the future, which may not be quite as bad as fans are thinking.

That tension carries on for a few episodes. 'Can we move past this? Are we strong enough to push past this? Is that the right thing to do?' In the episodes to come, ultimately Cara's the one that makes a decision for better or for worse. But in that moment at the end of the episode, she's dealing with everything that happened. Her family has basically been ripped apart. Her mom's going to have to sell their house. There's all these different things that are going to play out. It's just overwhelming. She feels emotionally drained and like she doesn't really have anyone she can turn to that she can trust.

The good news from Violett Beane is that Miles and Cara aren't officially done yet. The bad news is that they may be getting to that place eventually, as the hurt from this situation will continue to impact the couple's relationship over the next couple of episodes. Unfortunately, God Friended Me fans will have to wait a bit longer than usual to see the immediate aftermath, since there's a two=-week gap between this episode and the next. Talk about torture!

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God Friended Me airs on CBS Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Let us know below what you think should happen with the couple, and stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in television and movies throughout the rest of 2019 and beyond.

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