Hold The Dangle, Reno 911! Just Got Revived For A New Season With Original Cast Members

A new Reno 911! project is finally coming to the screen, but not as the long-rumored movie that once seemed to be the only way for the crazy crew of cops to return. A Reno 911! revival is coming to TV for a new platform that promises the show won't release the same way it did back in its earlier days on Comedy Central. Still, the show should be more than a little familiar to fans, as original cast members are on board! Here's what we know.

Upcoming short form streaming platform Quibi, which has a great deal of potential despite not earning a spot as a key player in the streaming war, has ordered a seventh season of Reno 911! Returning for the revival are Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Robert Ben Garant, who co-created and starred in the series the first time around. All three will both write and star in the Quibi season of Reno 911!, and Thomas Lennon dropped some fun shoutouts to the series in his comments about the revival:

RENO 911! holds a special place in our hearts, and it will be a delight to get the original cast back together for 're-boot goofin.’ Hopefully Nick Swardson can still roller skate. Quibi’s short format seems custom made for our show.

Well, now that Thomas Lennon has brought up Nick Swardson and roller skates, I for one will be devastated if Dangle and Co. don't have to deal with roller-skating prostitute Terry again in the revival season! I'd say that I'd be devastated too if Dangle isn't rocking some boots for goofin' around Reno, but there's no way the new season would leave out his boots, right? Nothing goes better with short shorts for crime-fighting than boots.

In all seriousness, the Reno 911! revival marks the second partnership between Quibi and Comedy Central Productions, so the revival is likely in as good of hands as possible for something that should delight longtime fans. Thomas Lennon of course played Dangle on Reno 911!, with Kerri Kenney-Silver as the unfortunate Trudy and Robert Ben Garant as good old Travis Junior.

Who else will appearin the revival? Well, additional casting will be announced at a later date, so it's possible that more original cast members will sign on. Niecy Nash's Claws will wrap on TNT in 2020, and Carlos Alazraqui has primarily worked on voice projects in recent years, including Family Guy. More complicated could be Wendi McLendon-Covey and Cedric Yarbrough.

Wendi McLendon-Covey currently stars in The Goldbergs on ABC, and Cedric Yarbrough was promoted to series regular status at CBS' freshman hit Carol's Second Act. If Carol's Second Act, starring sitcom legend Patricia Heaton, scores a second season, Yarbrough may be too busy playing a nurse on the sitcom to reprise his role as a cop.

Still, a Quibi series' demands are undoubtedly different than those of a major broadcast network, so there's no need to give up hope for a full original cast reunion at this point. We may as well also hope for an appearance from Danny Devito, whose production company Jersey Television is executive producing the series.

While he did technically appear in the Reno 911! universe already in the Reno 911!: Miami feature film, I can't imagine anybody would object if he turned up playing a different character back in Reno. It's Danny DeVito!

There is no premiere date listed for Reno 911! Season 7 just yet, and Quibi itself doesn't launch until April 6, 2020. Fortunately, there are plenty of new and returning shows hitting the airwaves in the not-too-distant future, and you can find them on our 2020 winter and spring TV premiere schedule and 2020 Netflix premiere guide.

Laura Hurley
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