Netflix Got People All Kinds Of Confused About New Project After Posting Pic Of Shirtless Man

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Twitter is a weird place where users can start a revolution or post something completely stupid, and both can go viral. This was the recent case with Netflix, with the streamer's official account posting a photo of a flexing shirtless man that sent people into confusion and made them wonder what the hell was happening.

It's the kind of picture that would be great for a brand offering a hot new diet or workout plan, but when a streamer does it it's just a little bizarre. Despite that, Netflix threw up this chiseled shirtless man on its Twitter page without immediately revealing it was tied to an upcoming project and left the world to wonder what to make of it.

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It's not hard to see why people might have thought Netflix's account was hacked, as Netflix is not in the business of posting shirtless dudes. The tweet hung around without explanation for about 30 minutes, and people made all sorts of assumptions about what it was about. One entertaining theory was the man in the picture was the new, but soon to be unemployed Netflix social media poster who meant to tweet to his personal account.

No one is getting fired, at least for this tweet. Netflix eventually attached the reason for the weird tweet, which was to promote its American adaptation of its British reality show The Circle. The show, which was super popular overseas, puts contestants into an apartment building where they will communicate strictly through social media. This allows each contestant to become whoever they want, and potentially fool their competitors in order to be the last one standing with $100,000. It sounds crazy, and certainly looks entertaining based on the trailer.

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As mentioned, The Circle was a huge hit in the U.K., and now Netflix is bringing an adaptation to America. While this adaptation's success is yet to be determined, American audiences have responded well to shows like Catfish, and this series has a fair few contestants who look like they'll be catfishing other competitors. It's all necessary as the competitors rank each player throughout the series with the lowest ranked player being blocked from the competition. Once blocked, exiting competitors get to meet one other competitor in person. Sounds like a situation that could cause drama, and reality-show lovers often love drama!

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The Circle premieres on Wednesday, Netflix January 1, 2020, and will be a three-week event. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the series, and for a look at what else is happening in the world of movies and television.

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