When Is Rick And Morty Season 4 Coming Back With New Episodes?

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Rick and Morty is in the midst of the highly anticipated Season 4, and so far, the Adult Swim hit has shown why it was deserving of its massive renewal. Fans have seen Rick face a hard truth on the toilet, and learn way too much about the personal lives of dragons, and many fans are on board with it. Unfortunately, the laughs have gone on pause for a hiatus following the premiere of "Rattlestar Ricklactica."

Here's the good news, Rick and Morty has five more episodes left in Season 4 so it's not done yet. According to Adult Swim and the Rick and Morty Twitter, those five episodes will air sometime next year...probably.

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There is a downside to this news, of course, in that Adult Swim wasn't forthcoming about exactly when to expect Rick and Morty's return. This could be a situation where the show is taking the standard winter break that many fall shows take around the winter holidays, which means it could return sometime in late January. That's definitely a possibility, though skeptics might wonder why Adult Swim didn't simply follow up with that information if that was the case.

Rick and Morty is no stranger to hiatuses, and has had a number of them over the years with little to no timing consistency between seasons. Season 3 even had a three-month gap between the season premiere and the second episode, and let's not forget the two-year gap that separated Seasons 2 and 3. As frustrating as it may be that Adult Swim didn't give a specific return date, perhaps we should be thankful we at least got confirmation of its return in 2020.

We can only speculate on when Rick and Morty will return, but it would make sense if the show returns later in 2020 than January. This show takes a long time to develop, from the writing to the animation, so cranking out the entire season in the span of 3 months on television can make two years of hard work fly out the door pretty fast. Perhaps breaking the season into two segments of five episodes will allow the team more breathing room for production and promotion, and will eventually result in more consistent episode releases in the show's future.

That kind of strategy could now make sense for Rick and Morty, given that the massive renewal by Adult Swim eliminates any impending worries about follow-up seasons or negotiating contracts for new episodes. (At least for a while.) Split seasons might allow for more time to write, and more time to work on the show's impressive and elaborate animation. As long as snakes don't invent time travel and attempt to destroy humanity during this hiatus, holding off on the rest of Season 4 could be a stress-lessening decision overall.

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